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5 benefits of joining ONDC for electronics and gadgets businesses | Mystore
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5 Benefits Of Joining ONDC For Electronics And Gadgets Businesses

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Team Mystore11/4/2022, 04:41 PM

The electronics and gadgets retail industry in India is booming with the number of users expected to amount to 359.7m by 2025 in the consumer electronics segment alone.

It is just about the right time for electronics sellers to build their phygital presence and claim a fair share of the ecommerce market. 

Well, we know going online is not an overnight decision. And this has been the story of millions of SMEs across India. However, with ONDC the situation is all set to change. 

The Open Network for Digital Commerce has opened up new growth opportunities for businesses all over the country. Sellers of all scales and sizes can kick-start their online journey by seamlessly registering on the shared platform. Once the electronics sellers have registered and chosen a seller app, say, for example, Mystore Seller App, they get to upload their products and be discoverable by the vast customer base across India. 

How ONDC helps electronics and gadgets sellers

ONDC is a novel initiative designed and launched by the government to democratize the ecommerce industry in India. By registering on the ONDC platform, electronics and gadgets sellers get access to all the online sellers across India and thus have a digital presence.. They get good traffic and exposure to the otherwise unexplored market. 

Following are the reasons why electronics and gadgets sellers should join ONDC right away:

  • Cutting-edge ONDC seller app like Mystore helps begin the online journey in record time

  • Access to a variety of service providers, tech solutions etc. on the same platform

  • Run business on their own terms and conditions 

  • Get access to valuable customer data and strategically plan marketing campaigns

  • Reach out to unexplored markets and tap into the potential customers

  • Control the pricing and plan discounts and offers to improve the profit margins

  • Do business in a non-discriminatory environment with no predatory practices

  • Build a portable reputation with constant customer feedback on the shared platform

The ONDC platform provides an independent environment for sellers to grow their businesses quickly and seamlessly. However, to go to the market effortlessly, businesses need an advanced ONDC-connected seller app that offers a host of features and tools to manage their end-to-end businesses easily.

Mystore seller app is an advanced app that offers a feature-rich admin dashboard. It also offers integrated payment and logistics solutions to help its merchant clients set up their businesses for growth in the digital commerce sector. 

5 benefits of joining ONDC for electronics and gadgets businesses

Joining ONDC comes with a lot of benefits for all businesses, including those which already have an online presence and those that have been planning to go online for a long time. The open network helps the sellers sell better by connecting the sellers with buyers that were otherwise inaccessible.

Here are 5 benefits of joining the ONDC platform for electronics and gadgets businesses:

1. Provides a wider market

The electronics industry in India is on a stupendous growth path. Customers are buying more and more electronics and gadgets to simplify their lives. With the revenue in the electronics segment projected to reach US$13.86bn in 2022 in India, going online provides sellers with an opportunity to reach a wider market. 

The ONDC-connected Mystore seller app can quickly widen the sellers' market share and expand to new cities by registering on the open platform. The host of features Mystore offers like integrated shipping, multiple payment options, easy inventory, order management etc. makes it easy for electronic sellers to operate their day-to-day business activities. Sellers can leverage hyperlocal deliveries to attract new customers and accelerate their business growth.

2. Increases the brand visibility 

Going online gives the sellers better visibility on digital channels. Customers today recognize the brand fast on social media or through digital channels as compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. It, therefore, becomes important to create your presence in the ecommerce market. By registering on the ONDC platform, sellers can quickly start selling on the open network making their brand visible to a vast customer base. 

The feature-rich Mystore seller app for ONDC helps sellers with a variety of built-in tools to promote themselves on multiple channels in the online market. With an increased brand visibility, electronics and gadgets sellers can carve a niche for themselves in the digital space and carry the reputation if and when they shift from one seller app to another on the ONDC platform. 

3. Leverage m commerce 

Leveraging m commerce accounts for bigger ticket sizes across all industries. 63% of mobile phone users prefer buying from a company owning a mobile app or mobile website. By registering on the ONDC network, sellers get easy and wide discoverability on mobile devices giving them an edge over their competitors.

The Mystore seller app that connects the buyers and sellers on the ONDC platform, is built on mobile-first technology making it easy for sellers to leverage m commerce. The mobile admin interface also allows the sellers to manage their business on the go.

4. Implement personalizations 

Today is the age of hyper-personalization. 78% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases from brands that personalize their offerings. Offline stores that have no online presence have limited means to offer personalized buyer journeys. When electronics and gadgets sellers start selling online, they get better access to buyer behaviour and their taste of choice. 

The ONDC-connected Mystore app, enables the sellers to experiment with new ideas based on their interactions with the customers. They can personalize their online journey to create a better brand image and become a customer's favourite. Based on the rich customer data, sellers can include personalized discounts and offers that help them retain their customers. 

5. Freedom from monopolistic marketplaces

The sellers are hugely dependent on giant marketplaces to gain widespread visibility for their brands and products. The electronics and gadgets sellers have to pay a large portion of their profits as commissions to these marketplaces in return for access to a wide range of customers. But, with ONDC sellers can claim freedom from monopolistic marketplaces. 

Selling via ONDC using the Mystore seller app is going to help the sellers break free from the high commission rates and predatory practices of the marketplaces. However, the sellers will still have to pay commissions, it will only be a fraction of what they paid earlier. The sellers on the ONDC platform can run their business on their own terms (return policy, delivery time). The in-built OMS from Mystore seller app will also help the sellers manage their products and orders seamlessly. 

A step-by-step guide to start selling on ONDC

To start selling on the ONDC platform, businesses need to comply by just a few simple steps. Even a novice user with no experience selling online can go to the market in these easy few steps:

  • Create an account on the Mystore seller app, add your GSTIN and bank details

  • Upload the products of your electronics and gadgets business with images and details 

  • Start getting online orders from customers from across the country

  • Align your logistics for hassle-free deliveries 

  • Get payment in the bank account of your own choice

And, your online gadgets store is ready for the customers to shop on.


The ONDC initiative is here to revolutionize the ecommerce industry as a whole and bring disruptive changes in the buying and selling processes. The comprehensive seller app from Mystore that works at a zero fixed subscription cost will make it possible for all electronics and gadgets sellers to create their online presence in the ecommerce industry. 

The Mystore platform is designed on the cutting-edge mobile-first next-gen tech stack to make buying and selling quick and hassle-free. The easy-to-use Mystore seller app is going to help sellers manage their online businesses effortlessly and carve an upward growth trajectory. 

Ready to see your electronics and gadgets business grow? Register on Mystore free of cost right away!