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5 FAQs about ONDC Buyer App | Mystore
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5 FAQs about ONDC Buyer App

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Team Mystore9/22/2022, 06:54 PM

While we all are eagerly awaiting for ONDC to be fully operational, buyers have a lot of queries regarding the network and how it will revolutionize online shopping. With the open network, buyers will have unrestricted access to millions of sellers who had never been online. Along with these new sellers, buyers can also discover their favourite sellers who had already been selling on different popular marketplaces.

Wonder how you, as a buyer can discover all the sellers and buy products from your favourite sellers?

It is simple!

You just need an ONDC buyer app.

Not sure what it is?

Mystore brings you detailed answers to help you understand the buyer app and answers all your related queries. 

5 FAQ about ONDC Buyer App and their detailed answers

To make the most of the ONDC network and to make informed buying decisions online customers need to understand the structure and modus operandi of the new set-up. Here we bring you detailed answers to all the questions:

1. What is the ONDC buyer app?

ONDC buyer app is the interface or app which connects buyers with products and their sellers and other service providers registered on the ONDC network. ONDC is an open network that brings together sellers, buyers, logistics and tech service providers on a shared network to facilitate digital commerce. ONDC is just like UPI for ecommerce which connects buyers to a host of existing sellers. These sellers can be individual sellers or sellers already selling on some platforms. 

The ONDC network offers a framework where all the existing apps available to a buyer can interact with each other if they are registered in the ONDC network. All such apps used by buyers to discover products or services on the ONDC network can be termed buyer apps. For example: Mystore Buyer App, PhonePe app etc.

2. How does the ONDC buyer app work?

To understand how the buyer apps work on the ONDC network let us take an example where a buyer named Ravi is searching for some everyday grocery item. In this example, we assume that Ravi is searching for soya milk online. When Ravi enters a search for “soya milk” using Mystore or any other buyer app, the request is sent to the multi-domain network registry which identifies the available sellers and returns the results as below:

Suppose Ravi chooses Raj Kirana Store which delivers soya milt for Rs 65/litre but needs a delivery service to deliver the order. Ravi can now look for nearby delivery partners on the ONDC network. For this search, he gets two results which are: 

Finally, Ravi chooses Tez Delivery service as his home is just 1kilometer from the Raj Kirana Store and by paying Rs.15 for delivery services he is able to get his soya milk in Rs.80. The ONDC buyer app helped Ravi make an informed decision after comparing different prices and  Ravi was able to save money by going with the most economical option for soya milk. 

3. Which are the best ONDC buyer apps?

Many leading ecommerce players have designed their buyer apps to facilitate buying on the open network. Here are the top 3 buyer apps that make buying on the open network for digital commerce quick and easy: 

Mystore® Buyer App for ONDC

Designed and launched by StoreHippo, Mystore is an ONDC-connected marketplace which also offers Mystore Buyer App to help buyers buy products or services on the open digital network. Mystore Buyer App’s advanced features offer the most amazing buying experience to customers by giving them the options of a multi-seller cart, faceted search etc. 

Using this app buyers can place their orders, make payments, manage their orders, track order status, initiate a return or cancel the order. Customers using the Mystore buyer app can also send their queries to their chosen sellers and later rate the sellers and services right from the app. Mystore Buyer App supports buying across all categories and services.

PayTM App

PayTm App is developed by Paytm E-commerce Private Limited (PEPL). Paytm Mall has pivoted to ONDC and by offering its buyer app it enables buyers to search for products, make payments, track orders and follow up with buyers. 

As of now, customers using the PayTM buyer App can search for groceries, food and beverages and home decor item on the ONDC network.  The PayTM ONDC buyer app is available for customers in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Udupi, Chandausi, Chhindwara, Chittoor, Coimbatore, Shillong, Gangtok, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mumbai, Meerut, Noida, Bijnor, Jaipur, Pune, Cuttack, Ernakulam, Faridabad, Kancheepuram, Kannur, Kanpur, Kaup, Kolkata, Mannar/ Alappuzha, Pollachi, Ramnathapuram, Theni, Thiruvallur and Thrissur.

PhonePe Buyer App

PhonePe also offers a buyer app for customers looking forward to buying on the ONDC network. Buyers using the PhonePe app can search, choose and buy grocery products  products  inbengaluru using the app. Buyers can also track their orders and interact with sellers using the app. PhonePe app focuses on intra-city commerce.

4. How will the ONDC buyer app change the Indian ecommerce market?

The ONDC network is going to be a game-changer for Indian ecommerce. Earlier buyers were limited to a platform and its services. Like in the above example in a non-ONDC environment, Ravi would have had to buy his soya milk from one of the popular marketplaces like  Amazon, Blinkit or BigBasket. 

But within the ONDC network, Ravi or other buyers can log in using any of the buyer apps registered with ONDC. The buyers will be shown all the available sellers for their searched product with a focus on hyperlocal sellers. With even their neighbourhood kirana shop going online with ONDC, buyers will get a vast amount of options for faster and affordable products and services. The open network will democratize digital commerce and spoil buyers for options.

5. Why shopping on ONDC is good for the buyers?

Shopping on the open network for digital commerce has many benefits for the buyer. Some of the benefits are:

  • Access a huge variety of products and services from different domains on one single platform. For example, buyers can buy groceries, clothes or book deliveries using delivery partners all from the same platform. 

  • Access big sellers as well as SMEs on the same marketplace 

  • Unified experience which was not possible on other marketplace platforms

  • Wider options for products, delivery solutions, prices, add-ons etc.

  • Faster hyperlocal fulfillment

  • Improved buying experience with ONDC buyer apps


The open network is going to herald a new era of ecomemrce in India. While it will empower SMEs by bringing them to mainstream ecommerce it will also make the customers happy by bringing the great India bazaars online. Buyers will not only have access to hyperlocal sellers but they can also buy from sellers from far-off locations who are operating in their geolocation.  

To get great buying experience on the ONDC network buyers need to use one of the advanced buyer apps. Mystore buyer app has been designed especially to make buying quick and checkouts frictionsless on the open network. 

Ready to explore online buying like never before? Check out Mystore and get started right away.