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How ONDC can accelerate growth of restaurants and cloud kitchens | Mystore
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How ONDC Can Accelerate Growth Of Restaurants And Cloud Kitchens

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Team Mystore11/3/2022, 02:04 PM

The government-backed initiative ONDC is already winning the hearts of both sellers and buyers. After its Beta launch in Bangalore with the grocery and food beverages sector,  the ONDC seller app is now open for restaurants and cloud kitchens to take their business on the open online platform. 

We all know how overwhelming it can be to start your online journey and how it can bring tons of challenges while also opening up channels for success and growth. But with ONDC platform, even a novice user can start his online business in no time and with little to no technical knowledge. All they need to do is select a seamless ONDC-connected platform like Mystore that also offers integrated payment and logistics solutions.

How ONDC seller app can benefit restaurants and cloud kitchens

The open network for digital commerce is connecting sellers with buyers across India. With an easy registration process, sellers can quickly build their online presence, and will be able to look beyond the giant marketplaces.

Here is what restaurants and cloud kitchens can gain by going on the ONDC platform:

  • Go to the market in record time with an efficient seller app like Mystore 

  • Get easy access to best tech solutions, logistics and payments gateways

  • Run their business on their own terms, like deciding their delivery time, price, terms of service etc 

  • Reach millions of customers across India in few easy steps 

  • Stay away from discriminatory and predatory practices by giant marketplaces

  • Get valuable customer data on their dashboard to strategically plan their marketing 

  • Have an individual and portable reputation throughout the network

With the ONDC seller app, businesses can tap into the otherwise unexplored market. Registering and selling on the ONDC network is going to work wonders for restaurants and cloud kitchens. All they need is a clear understanding of the terms and set-up of the open digital network to get started quickly.

5 benefits of joining ONDC for restaurants and cloud kitchens

Online food ordering is the new trend adopted quickly by Indians across generations. The online food market has seen a major surge in the last few years. Here is how the online food delivery segment is growing in India: 

  • $12.14 billion is the worth of the online food delivery market in India in 2022

  • $8.35 billion is the market volume of Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery

  • 22.3% is the user penetration in the Online Food Delivery segment in 2022

  • 28.9% is the expected CAGR for Indian online food delivery market during 2022-2027

Source: Statista, imarc group

The industry is growing at a fast pace and for restaurant owners, now is the right time to hit the online market. However, going online has its own challenges and businesses that do not want to be a part of food aggregators find it cumbersome to go online on their own.

With the ONDC seller app, all of this is going to change. By joining the open network, food sellers can not only go online quickly but can also connect and engage better with their customers. 

Let us look at how ONDC can help restaurants and cloud kitchens accelerate their business growth:

1. Acess to a wider customer base 

Businesses are usually pushing the idea of going online further away fearing extensive planning and strategic calculations. However, with ONDC, sellers can reach the unexplored online market quickly.

The open  network offers businesses access to multiple user segments and helps grow their customer base pan-India. The restaurant owners can accelerate their business growth by registering on the ONDC network with a feature rich seller app like Mystore. They get easy discoverability in the hyperlocal market as ONDC shows the search results with a focus on hyperlocal sellers. Food sellers can start getting orders immediately after registering on the app. Mystore offers a gamut of features to help the restaurant owners streamline their day-to-day operations and acquire new customers at much lower costs.

2. Quick to go to the market

The food service industry is moving fast, making it imperative for sellers to go to the online market quickly. But how can eateries launch quickly when there’s so much to do before going online? Let's find out.

The advanced ONDC seller app, like Mystore offers an end-to-end ecommerce solution to launch the sellers on the online market while creating seamless buyer journeys. Sellers can go to the market in record time with the simple and quick registration process. With a variety of tools by Mystore, sellers can also promote their brand, accept frictionless payments, and deliver food orders quickly to their customers. Sellers can also leverage the first mover’s advantage by starting early on the ONDC network.

3. Increase brand visibility 

Phygital channels give better visibility to the sellers as compared to the brick-and-mortar food joints. Many times food outlets get better footfalls if they are also discoverable online. It is therefore imperative to lauch an online presence to gain repetitive customers and increase online food orders. 

The feature rich ONDC connected Mystore seller app enables the food delivery businesses to register and start selling quickly on the open network. Food sellers can promote their menu on multiple channels, offer seamless payment processes, deliver hyperlocal orders quickly, and create a niche for themselves in the online market with a variety of built-in tools by the Mystore seller app. While providing the best-in-class services to all its foodie customers, restaurants can become a well known home brand.

4. Leverage hyperlocal market with personalization

Restaurants and cloud kitchens have a greater chance of becoming customer’s favourite by offering quick hyperlocal deliveries combined with personalized buyer journeys. When brands have a clear understanding of the local buyer’s behaviour, local holidays, seasonal changes ( like food orders go up when it rains, during festivals, extended weekends etc.) restaurant owners can quickly enhance or tweak their offerings.

By being prompt and introducing new products to the customers based on the rich data and insights, food joints can quickly gain new customers. To market the brand better, sellers can also personalize the packaging or include personalized discounts and loyalty programs that help to keep customers hooked to your brand. However, to make sure that you are able to accomplish this, sellers need an advanced seller app like Mystore that helps them integrate with marketing solutions of their choice.

5. Boost sales with m commerce 

M commerce has become the leading growth factor of the ecommerce industry today. Restaurants of every scale and size are planning to go online, but only with the right tech solution can these brands boost their sales. Now, the right tech solution that builds websites along with mobile apps can be a costly affair and require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. 

But, the ONDC connected, Mystore seller app helps sellers build, run, and grow their online business seamlessly. It is built on mobile-first technology, that offers advanced m commerce solutions and a mobile admin interface that enables the food sellers to manage their day-to-day businesses on the go. They can be easily accessible, noticeable and reachable by a wider audience.

How to start selling on ONDC

To start selling on the ONDC seller app, sellers need to indulge in these easy steps:

  • Create a seller account on the ONDC-connected Mystore seller app with business details like GSTIN and bank accounts 

  • Upload the restaurant or cloud kitchen menu  

  • Get started by receiving orders from across the country

  • Set up quick and seamless hyperlocal delivery 

  • Receive payments in your registered bank account

And voila, it's done! The business is ready to go in 5 easy steps. We bet you never thought it would be so easy to set up an online business. But with the advent of ONDC, it is all possible. 


The ONDC platform is a complete game-changer for all SMEs and is set to bring disruptive changes in the ecommerce landscape. The restaurants and cloud kitchens can make the most of the opportunity by starting selling through Mystore ONDC seller app.  

The easy-to-use Mystore seller app has ZERO fixed subscription charges and helps food sellers manage their business effortlessly.  Food sellers can grow fast by reaching new customer segments. Even a novice food joint owner who has no prior experience selling online can effortlessly do business with its intuitive and simple admin dashboard. Using the feature-rich and easy-to-use admin panel, food sellers can upload their menus, set up pricing and discounts, add GST-based tax rules and fulfil the received orders in a few clicks. 

Ready to grow your restaurant business online? Register free of cost on Mystore right away!