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How sellers can align their business to get faster conversion on ONDC Network

ONDC Network Seller App

MystoreNov 24, 2022

Willing to take your business to the online markets? Influenced by the fanfare of ONDC network? Planning to register on the open platform? 

Kudos, you have made the right decision. 

Sellers from all around are rushing their business on the online markets to explore the untapped audience. And so should you. 

Once you have established yourself as a seller on the ONDC network seller app, you need to align your business for faster conversions and higher sales returns.

Wondering how to attain your goals and speed up your business growth?

With Mystore seller app - A leading seller interface for ONDC network.  

To start with, let us first explore the working set-up of ONDC network.

How to get started with ONDC network?

ONDC network is a novel initiative by the government which is set to democratize the ecommerce industry in India. It will be connecting sellers from all around the country to millions of buyers making ecommerce accessible to SMEs.

India's leading marketplace connected to ONDC network ie Mystore seller app is an advanced platform where merchants can create their own ecommerce presence. With a feature-rich admin dashboard and a gamut of in-built features, Mystore helps the sellers to seamlessly run and manage their day-to-day business operations. 

To get started on the ONDC network, sellers do not need prior technical know-how. Even a novice user with no experience of selling online can start his online store in no time. Here are 5 simple steps of how to start selling on the open-platform:

  • Create your account on an advanced ONDC network seller app like Mystore and fill in the GSTIN and bank details

  • Upload your product or service catalogue 

  • Start getting orders from customers pan-India

  • Align your business for quick deliveries 

  • Get payments in the bank account of your choice 

And you are set to start selling on the platform! 

However easy it is to get started on the platform, maintaining the flow of customers and keeping the business aligned for faster conversions is not a piece of cake. Sellers need to take steps in the right direction at the right time to establish themselves on the platform. 

Here are 5 tips that can help sellers align their business for faster conversions on ONDC network. 

1. Choose a powerful ecommerce platform

Are you pivoting from an offline brick-and-mortar store to an online platform? Or are you migrating from one platform to another? Doesn’t matter. When you choose a powerful ecommerce platform for your business, you are able to build, run and manage your business with much ease. The ONDC network seller app that offers seamless integrations, is built on the latest tech-stack, offers a user-friendly interface along with a host of features and tools can be the right choice for your business.

Mystore seller app is built with a future-ready tech stack which includes MEAN stack and MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture. Mystore helps sellers build high-performing online stores and get quick discoverability. The easy-to-use, intuitive and feature-rich admin dashboard helps the sellers manage their business effortlessly. Built on mobile-first technology, the seller app is designed to offer ease of buying to the customers.

2. Market your business to success

Once the online store is set, sellers need to market it well. Lack of proper marketing can harm the business in ways unknown to the sellers. But how to go about it? Well with an advanced ONDC network seller app, sellers can offer personalized deals to their buyers and plan different deals for different buyer segments. 

Mystore helps sellers build a strong online presence with SEO-ready solutions, themes, custom SEO settings, etc. The integrated marketing tools like Google analytics, Facebook pixel, google tags manager etc offered by the Mystore seller app helps the sellers strategically plan their marketing growth campaigns and get better ROI. 

3. Offer frictionless payment methods

As consumers’ shopping habits have shifted online, they also look for multiple payment methods on their favourite online stores. In the financial year 2022, around 71 billion digital payments were recorded across India. Surprised? Well customers drop the purchase if they find the payment process to be complex and lengthy. 

With Mystore, you can seamlessly add various ONDC-network approved payment gateways and other digital payment solutions to make the checkout process fast and frictionless. With multiple payment methods on the online store, you can make buying easy for the customers and boost your conversions. 

4. Streamline quick hyperlocal deliveries

80% of the shoppers today want same-day delivery. Have you aligned your business to offer fast and secure deliveries? If not, it's time to look for hyperlocal delivery solutions and bring a change in your business to boost conversions. 

With an advanced seller app like Mystore seller app, businesses can streamline and automate their delivery management. Mystore enables the sellers to seamlessly integrate with ONDC-network approved delivery partners to offer quick delivery solutions to their customers. Sellers can easily ship to thousands of PIN codes across India with the built-in integrations with multiple logistic providers on Mystore. 

5. Enable quick decision making 

Wouldnt you want your customers to make quick purchases? We bet you would love that. But how to ensure quick conversions? This is not a tricky one! Before making a final purchase, customers not only like to know all about the product but also have a complete look and feel of the same.  

With the Mystore seller app, sellers can seamlessly add complete details of their products, provide 360-degree images, and offer an open discussion portal on their online store. Sellers can define their return and refund terms and connect with the buyers through a built-in contact form. When sellers are directly connected with the buyers, buying decisions can be easily made and customer’s grievances can be easily looked after.


Once the sellers have made their ONDC network registrations, they can expand their horizons to multiple channels and tap into the otherwise unexplored market. However, the online market today is overflowing with sellers and merchants. To carve their own niche in the ecommerce industry, sellers will have to build their stores on cutting-edge solutions. 

The Mystore seller app is an advanced seller interface built on next-gen technology stack for sellers across India. Mystore offers an easy-to-use and feature-rich admin interface that makes selling easy even for novice users. With seamless integration on Mystore, sellers can integrate with multiple payment gateways and delivery partners connected to ONDC network. 

With a feature rich ONDC network seller app, businesses can strategically plan their marketing and boost their conversion rates. Ready to join the ONDC network and take your business to online markets? Register to explore the Mystore ONDC network seller app now. 

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