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Top 3 Challenges Of Joining ONDC For Enterprise Brands And How Mystore Solves Them

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Mystore11/21/2022, 10:40 AM

Are you an enterprise ecommerce brand working its way up to grow to new markets? Contemplating your options around starting an online store? But confused about the right step forward? 

Look no further! Your answer lies here, in the four-letter acronym, ONDC!

Not sure what it is? Let’s delve deeper to help you.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce is the revolutionary ecommerce set-up in India for democratazing ecommerce and bringing ecommerce within the reach of SMEs as well as brands that have not yet explored the benefits of an online presence. 

Nevertheless, while it is extremely easy to launch an online business on the ONDC platform, it surely comes with its own set of challenges like finding the right solutions to get started and growing the business.

But, for every challenge that comes your way, we have the solution right here - Mystore TSP model.

What is Mystore and how does it help enterprise ecommerce brands?

Mystore is the ONDC-connected marketplace that offers a feature-rich ONDC seller app to the sellers. The Mystore TSP model - ONDC requirements and standard protocols compliant technical solutions designed to cater to advanced requirements of large scale businesses.  

Mystore also provides a host of in-built features to help the enterprises build, run, and manage their unique ecommerce solutions on the open network. 

Top 3 challenges of joining ONDC for enterprise brands and how Mystore solves them

The customers’ changing buying habits has made it important for businesses to stay aligned with the market and buyer demands. Enterprise brands face quite a few challenges when transitioning to a new sales channel, how so ever adavanced the channel might be. So while joining the open network to add a new sales channel for their sellers and distributors, brands encounter some unique challenges. Thankfully, Mystore, with its experience of powering enterprise ecommerce brands across industries is well aligned to handle all these challenges. 

Let’s delve deeper and analyze the challenges faced by big brands while joining ONDC and how Mystore seller app handles them seamlessly:

1. Finding the right seller app

While the open network for digital commerce offers a level playing field to sellers of every size, enterprise ecommerce brands planning to leverage the network need advanced technical solutions to manage their huge seller-distributor networks and complex business flows. Finding the right seller app can be a challenge for brands that need enterprise grade solutions tailored for their unique brand requirements. While simple cart and order management solutions do the trick for SMEs, enterprise brands need a more comprehensive solution to accelerate their digital transformation. To connect their entire dealer-distributor network with buyers pan-India enterprise brands might need their own whitelabelled seller app, provisions to build their D2C or B2B stores with hyperlocal fulfilment, capabilities to manage multiple brands from one place and more. The only way to achieve all of this is to either build an ONDC compliant solution from scratch or go with an advanced solution that complies with ONDC requirements and standard protocols. 

Mystore’s TSP model has been designed to address these challenges faced by wholesale and enterpise brands. Powered by cutting-edge technology that has been building enterprise ecommerce solutions for brands across the globe, Mystore TSP model offers unique solutions for enterprise brands with high-volume orders and large seller network.

The Mystore Technology Solution Provider model is designed to give a solid start to sellers and brands in taking their businesses to the next level. Mystore helps enterprise brands build their own ONDC-compliant sellers interface that brings together your network of sellers/distributors/dealers on a single platform. Mystore’s battle-tested, scalable, mobile-first and secure infrastructure (PCI DSS compliant, ISO27001 certified) can be tailored for unique brand requirements of brands of every scale and size. Brands get a comprehensive vendor management solution to manage their sellers. Enterprise businesses can easily build a strong online brand presence and offer an additional sales channel to their large seller base. 

2. Integrating with existing software and service providers

Enterprise brands have their own tailored solutions for running their business which comprises a variety of third-party software and service providers. One of the biggest challenges for enterprise brands planning to leverage ONDC is how to build an ONDC-compliant solution and yet be able to integrate it with all their existing software and services. Since brands cannot overhaul their complete ecosystem just to be able to sell on ONDC they need advanced ONDC seller solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with their existing apps. Mystore TSP model comes to the rescue of brands with its headless architecture that facilitates seamless integrations of existing software and services. Enterprise ecommerce brands can build their own ecommerce solutions by seamlessly integrating existing third-party apps, service providers etc used by their business. 

With the Mystore TSP model your enterprise ecommerce brand can:

  • Easily integrate different apps used by your business

  • Replace existing apps with better ones in a hassle-free manner

  • Choose from 120+ pre-integrated software/service providers to enhance your digital sales processes

  • Integrate with ONDC approved logistics partners

  • Use payment gateways approved by ONDC

  • Go for SMS and mail gateways integrations to power their communications

With such a varied range of integrations at their disposal, enterprise brands can engage and convert their customers better while seamlessly managing their entire dealer/seller network.

3. Road ahead for future growth

The ultimate goal for any business is to align its system for growth. The access to pan India customer base that enterprise brand’s sellers get after ONDC registration opens up new avenues for growth. However, to maximise the opportunities and to plan for the future, brands need to be aligned and focused on goals and have solutions that can accomodate their growth even if they grow astronomically. 

One of the biggest challenges for enterprise brands planning to go with ONDC is no clear tech solution in place that promises to offer  advanced solutions in case of hyper-growth. It’s here that the Mystore TSP model offers future-ready solutions to enterprise brands. 

Mystore TSP model offers enterprise solutions to future-proof brands and accelerate their growth trajectory. Built on a future-ready tech stack which includes MEAN stack and MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture, Mystore can easily build ONDC complaint whitelabelled solutions for brands. Whether it is an ONDC-connected enterprise marketplace or next generation storefronts (both D2C and B2B) and mobile apps, Mystore is equipped to deliver it all. The cutting-edge Mystore technology ensures that enterprise ecommerce businesses have an edge over the competition. Mystore is designed to accommodate the unique needs of the fast-growing high-volume brands. 


ONDC platform is going to reshape the ecommerce industry in India. Bringing enterprise ecommerce brands, small merchants and millions of buyers together on an open platform, ONDC will open up new growth opportunities for businesses of every size. While it will help SMEs break-free from monopolictic marketplaces, ONDC compliant enterprise solutions will help brands modernize their businesses and quickly adapt to digital means.  

Mystore TSP model is an easy-to-use feature-rich enterprise software offering cutting-edge solutions to brands to join the ONDC ecosystem. Brands can quickly bring their complete seller network to ONDC, and get connected with different audience segments by using the advanced solutions offered by Mystore. Mystore’s scalable and flexible infrastructure is also well suited for future growth of enterprise brands. Mystore offers future-ready, well rounded enterprise solutions  for brands of every scale and size.

Ready to explore the Mystore TSP model? Connect with us to discuss your unique requirements.