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Why Mystore Is The Best ONDC Seller App
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Why Mystore Is The Best ONDC Seller App

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Mystore11/11/2022, 01:49 PM

Looking for opportunities to claim your share in ecommerce in India? Want to take your business beyond the existing neighbourhood market? Unsure of how to reach and target new customers? Sceptical about taking the next big step?

Well, worry not! Mystore has got you covered.

With the launch of the ONDC initiative and ONDC seller app like Mystore to get you started with ecommerce, you can take your business to the online market in no time. 

Wondering how?

Let us unravel the what and how of the ONDC-connected Mystore seller app to get a clear understanding of the open network. 

What is Mystore and how does it help sellers?

To help SMEs across India grow their sales and customer base, Mystore, the ONDC-connected marketplace offers a feature-rich ONDC seller app. Along with offering a seller app (at zero-subscription costs) for the sellers to connect with the buyers, Mystore also offers a unique buyer app. 

The Mystore seller app along with giving a host of features also helps sellers to have their own ecommerce store. Apart from being easy to use, the in-built features of the app help sellers in running and managing their businesses seamlessly. Experienced or novice, sellers can easily get started with the online selling process with the Mystore seller app and can manage their products, orders, shipping etc. 

Features of Mystore Seller App

Mystore seller app comes with handy features and tools to help the sellers drive sales and manage their businesses effortlessly. Mystore is built on advanced technology and platform that empowers sellers with a feature rich solution to grow their business. 

Here are the top features of Mystore-the best ONDC seller app:

1. Easy-to-use

Mystore seller app offers an easy-to-use ONDC India website login to sellers. With the intuitive and simple admin dashboard by Mystore, even a novice user can effortlessly do business and accelerate his business growth by reaching new customer segments. Uploading products, setting up pricing and discounts, adding GST-based tax rules and fulfilling the received orders can be done in just a few clicks. 

2. Zero subscription costs

To start selling on the Mystore platform, sellers do not need to pay any upfront costs. The Mystore seller app India is based on a pay-as-you-go model where the sellers pay only a nominal transactional fee per order. With no upfront fees to get started, SMEs have the freedom to experiment and grow their business. Likewise, enterprise brands can also leverage the open network for digital commerce to give new sales channels to their brands and seller/distributor networks.

3. Connected with ONDC

The  Mystore seller app connects the sellers to the open network.  By uploading their catalogues to Mystore,  the sellers make their products available and discoverable to customers all over India through the ONDC platform. By registering their presence on the ONDC network sellers can start selling online in no time and set up their business for growth. 

4. Mobile-first technology 

More than 10% of total retail sales will be via mcommerce by 2025. The Mystore seller app in India helps sellers boost their orders with mobile-first technology that is designed for frictionless and fast checkouts on mobile devices. Sellers also get a mobile admin to run their business on the go from anywhere.

5. Builds high-performance stores 

Every seller wants their customers to be engaged with their brand. Mystore helps them build high-performance online stores and optimize its speed helping in faster product searches and quick conversions. 

6. Built on latest tech-stack

Mystore seller app is built on a future-ready tech stack which includes MEAN stack and MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture. The cutting-edge technology ensures that businesses powered by Mystore have an edge over the competition and are ready for the dynamic changes in the ecommerce market. 

7. Seamless integrations 

Integrations with 3PL, payment gateways, SMS and mail gateways etc. have always been a worry for sellers while going online. However, with the Mystore seller app, sellers get can build their own ecommerce solutions by integrating with a host of third-party apps and service providers. Such integrations go a long way in helping sellers engage and convert their customers better.

8. Integrated marketing tools 

Mystore comes with integrated marketing tools to help sellers strategize their business growth plans. With the built-in marketing tools and a host of marketing integrations, sellers can not just go online but can also streamline their paid and organic campaigns to claim a better market share. 

Mystore comes with the following marketing tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Automated Product Feed

9. Secure and reliable stores

One of the biggest fears of sellers planning to start ecommerce in India is data theft and security breaches. Mystore is built on a PCI DSS-compliant platform that builds secure and reliable online stores for businesses of every scale and size. The multi-level, built-in security of the cloud platform offers robust security to do business online.

10. Seamless migration from other platforms

Sellers who are already registered on other online marketplaces for sellers can seamlessly migrate to Mystore. With Mystore’s built-in tools to migrate products and catalogues, sellers can move to the technologically advanced Mystore platform in a hassle-free way.

With the given advanced features, the Mystore ONDC app can be used by sellers across all industries to widen their customer base on the open network for digital commerce. Mystore simplifies selling online on ONDC for the sellers. 


The ONDC platform is going to bring disruptive changes in ecommerce in India by offering equal opportunities to all sellers across the country. To make the most of the given scenarios, the sellers however need to also have an advanced ONDC seller app to get started with their online journey. 

Mystore offers sellers an easy-to-use and feature-rich seller app built on mobile-first technology. Sellers can quickly register on the platform, update their bank details, upload their products, align shipping partners and start getting orders on the platform. 

Sounds easy, right? Register to explore the Mystore ONDC seller app now.

Mystore seller app FAQs

Before getting started with the Mystore seller app, here are some FAQs and their detailed answers that will help you understand the concept, dispel any doubts and sell easily on the platform. 

1. Can large enterprise brands join the Mystore seller app?

Yes, businesses of every scale and size can register and sell on the ONDC-connected Mystore seller app. From small sellers from small towns and cities to large-scale merchants from tier-I cities, Mystore supports businesses of every scale and size. 

2. Does Mystore charge hefty commissions for selling on the app?

The ONDC seller app Mystore charges a 3% commission per order for the seller app. For orders coming through Mystore or any other buyer app, there is another 3% commission per order. However, even put together this commission is only a fraction of the cost charged by the giant monopolistic online marketplace for sellers.

3. What is the process to start selling on the Mystore seller app?

To start selling on the Mystore seller app, sellers need to follow 5 simple basic steps as follows:

  • Create your account

  • List your products

  • Get Orders

  • Choose low cost shipping

  • Get your payments

By carrying out these 5 simple steps, any seller can start selling on the platform and scale his business to new levels.

4. Can I integrate with different delivery partners?

Yes, with the seamless integration process of Mystore, you can integrate with the logistics partners available on the ONDC network with ease.

5. Can I migrate from other platforms like Shopify to Mystore?

Yes, sellers can migrate from other platforms to Mystore seamlessly. With the built-in tools to migrate products, sellers can move to the technologically advanced platform in a hassle-free manner.

6. Does Mystore support businesses across all industries?

Yes, there is no doubt that ONDC has opened for a few industries in its initial launch, but it is expanding its horizons to multiple industries in a phased manner. Mystore is designed to support any industry and any size of business ready to explore ecommerce in India.