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5 Myths about ONDC Network App for Buyers

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreAug 8, 2023

In the Indian e-commerce landscape, the ONDC network has created quite a buzz. More and more buyers are choosing this revolutionary government-backed open network to buy products.

However, there are also many misconceptions associated with the ONDC network for buyers. It needs to be cleared in order to bring more buyers across the country to the open network.

Are you also unaware of what the ONDC network buyer app actually is? 

Want to buy on ONDC network but misled by many myths surrounding the revolutionary open network setup? 

In this blog, We will clear all your misunderstandings and present a clear picture of the ONDC network. 

So, stay with us till the end.

Debunking 5 ONDC Networks Myths

Let's get started with what the ONDC network has in store for you:

  • A common platform to buy from sellers across various categories
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Faster delivery from hyperlocal sellers
  • One ONDC network buyer app to buy from sellers available on the entire open network
  • Easy order process
  • Secure and flexible payment gateways
  • Inbuilt order tracking feature with the Mystore buyer app

Buyers who have not downloaded the ONDC network buyer app yet have every reason to become a part of this unified platform and leverage the benefits of buying from pan-India sellers.

If you have misinformation about the ONDC network, don't get upset. In this blog, we will debunk the top 5 myths for open network buyers.

As a bonus, we also bring you the top facts that give you a clear and accurate picture of ONDC network.

Let's understand the real facts of each myth. 

Myth 1:  ONDC network is an eCommerce marketplace

Fact: ONDC network is not an e-commerce marketplace  but an open and unified network to sell and buy products 

Many of us believe that the ONDC network is a marketplace, which is a big myth. ONDC network is not a marketplace but a government-backed revolutionary open network that facilitates direct connections between sellers and buyers. Through the ONDC network, buyers can connect with pan India sellers and buy from them directly. To buy on the ONDC network, buyers need to download an ONDC network-connected buyer app. Several open network buyer apps are available, including Mystore, Paytm, MagicPin, Craftsvilla, and more.

The best part is that buyers can download any ONDC network buyer app and buy products from all the sellers available on the open network, regardless of which seller app the sellers use.

Myth 2: ONDC network buyer apps have a complex interface

Fact: ONDC network is user-friendly for all buyers even if they are new to online shopping

Another misconception is that ONDC network buyer apps might have challenging interfaces. However, open network apps like the Mystore Buyer app are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The Mystore's user-friendly interface allows buyers to browse through products, add items to their carts, and complete orders with ease, regardless of their technical expertise or experience in online shopping.

Myth 3:  ONDC network app is to order food and beverages only 

Fact:  Products from diverse categories are available on ONDC network

The government-led unified ONDC network aims to completely reshape the digital marketplace. There is no doubt that FnBs (Food and Beverages) are taking full advantage of the democratic open network, but it is also true that a diverse range of products from multiple categories is available to buy on ONDC network. You can buy anything you want on a single platform, including food, beverages, groceries, dairy products, fashion, beauty and personal care, baby care, electronics, agro products, etc.

So the real fact is that the ONDC network is not only limited to buying food and beverages but encompasses a diverse range of categories.

Myth 4: Shopping from ONDC network is risky and costly

Fact: ONDC network offers competitive pricing and complete security to buyers.

At the government-backed open network, sellers can directly sell their products to buyers, and earn better profit margins due to lower commission rates. This means that sellers can pass on a percentage of their profits to the buyers, thus bringing down prices and making products more affordable for the buyers. 

Additionally, the ONDC network prioritizes the security of buyers, ensuring a safe shopping experience. For instance, the Mystore buyer app ensures competitive pricing from various product sellers. Mystore is a PCI-DSS-compliant app that ensures complete privacy and security for both buyers and sellers. 

Myth 5: ONDC network is only for buyers in the urban areas

Fact: ONDC network caters to buyers across urban and rural areas.

A common myth suggests that only buyers in urban areas can benefit from the ONDC network-connected apps, leaving people in rural areas with limited advantages. However, the ONDC network aims to bridge this gap by providing equal opportunities to buyers from both urban and rural areas. 

The democratic ONDC network is designed to cater to buyers pan India, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of location. ONDC network aims to enable buyers from all corners of the country to enjoy the convenience of online shopping.


Now that we have debunked all the myths about the ONDC network app for buyers, it is evident that the ONDC network is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and inclusive platform for online shopping. 

As a buyer, you can explore a wide variety of products, enjoy secure payment options, etc. All you need to download an ONDC network buyer app. So, why wait? Buy on ONDC network to embrace its true potential and embark on a delightful online shopping journey today!

Ready to explore the world of online shopping through ONDC network? 

Download the Mystore buyer app now. 

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