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5 Tips to get the most from your ONDC network Buyer App

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreJul 25, 2023

ONDC network is here to reshape the way we shop online. Backed by the Government of India, ONDC network  eliminates the limitations of traditional e-commerce marketplaces and provides a single platform to buy products from various categories including fashion, food delivery, baby care products, electronics, groceries, etc.

In simple terms, ONDC network is a way to buy anything you want using an ONDC network-connected buyer app rather than switching multiple apps.

Don’t know how to buy on ONDC network

Want to boost your shopping experience at the ONDC network?

Be happy as we got you the best tips to make your shopping journey on revolutionary open network extra amazing. In this blog, we have enlisted 5 tips to buy on the ONDC network buyer app. We will also explore the reasons to choose the Mystore Buyer app to get the most out of democratic open network setup. Let's dive in.

5 Tips to get the most from your ONDC network buyer app:

If you are a first-time buyer or have little experience buying on the open network, we have compiled a list of 5 pro tips to help you navigate the ONDC network and enhance your shopping experience.

Utilize the advanced filter

ONDC network is on its way to completely revolutionize the Indian e-commerce landscape. Over 31,000 sellers with 37 lakh products have been registered on the ONDC network now till now (source- The Hindu Business Line).  With vast collections of products available on the government -backed open network, it is quite challenging to find exactly what you want. 

Mystore comes to the rescue with its advanced search filter. 

Utilize the advanced search filter of the Mystore buyer app to narrow down your options based on specific criteria.  By using these filters, you can quickly find the exact product you're looking for, saving your time and effort.

Shop in the language you are most comfortable

Do you enjoy shopping in your own language? If so, Mystore’s ONDC network apps for buyers has the amazing feature that will surely excite you. For buyers who are looking to shop in their native language, Mystore brings an option to switch between three languages.

Yes, Mystore’s ONDC network-connected buyer app enables customers to buy on ONDC network in the language they prefer between Hindi, English, and Kannada.  This unique feature of Mystore's ONDC network buyer app allows users to change the entire app content to their desired language, making it easier for them to search for and select products, place orders, make payments, and more.

Explore seller profile

Before you buy on ONDC network, it is crucial to explore the seller's profile and the products they offer. The Mystore buyer app provides customers with valuable information such as product descriptions and vendor details on the product page. By reviewing these details, buyers can make informed decisions about their purchases. 

Buyers can also explore similar items on the category page to make informed decisions. 

Keep an eye on upcoming deals and discounts

With the increasing popularity of ONDC network, more and more sellers are registering on this democratic platform. To attract customers, these sellers provide exclusive offers and deals. To grab these offers and to get the most out of the ONDC network buyer app, you have to keep an eye on these deals and discounts.

Use the Mystore buyer app to not miss out on the latest deals and discounts. Mystore enables buyers to check the best prices from the top sellers and brands, helping you make the most informed purchases.

Leverage same-day delivery from hyperlocal sellers

ONDC network provides a non-discriminatory and decentralized e-commerce marketplace where small businesses, retailers, and local shopkeepers can freely do business. To make the most of the open network buyer app, buy from these local merchants and ensure same-day delivery. In fact, they can be delivered within a few hours, which is helpful when purchasing groceries, dairy products, food items, and more.

By purchasing from hyperlocal sellers and opting for same-day delivery, buyers can enjoy the convenience of timely service. They can rely on local merchants to swiftly deliver their orders, particularly when it comes to perishable goods.


Excited to get the most from your ONDC network buyer app?   Follow these aforementioned tips to make it quite easy to buy on ONDC network like a pro. 

Want to start your shopping journey on ONDC network? It just needs to download an advanced and feature-rich ONDC network buyer app like Mystore 

Unlock the world of convenience and choice at your fingertips. 

Download the Mystore buyer app today.

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