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A complete guide to order home appliances on ONDC Network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreAug 31, 2023

Want to buy home appliances on ONDC network but don’t know how to get started? 

Wondering which ONDC network buyer app is best to order home appliances on ONDC network?

If you have all these questions in your mind, this blog got you covered. This blog is a comprehensive guide that will help you in every step of ordering home appliances on the ONDC network. We will also discuss the benefits of buying on the ONDC network and why Mystore is an ideal choice to start your home appliances buying journey on the ONDC network.

So, let's get started with the benefits of the ONDC network.

Benefits of buying  home appliances on the ONDC network

Shopping online for home appliances is very challenging. Buyers have to switch between multiple apps to get the best deals on a single product. The ONDC network is a unified platform that makes your online shopping experience a seamless experience with a lot of benefits: 

  1. Vast Product Selection: The ONDC network offers a wide range of home appliances, ensuring you have access to various brands, models, and features. Whether you're searching for a refrigerator, washing machine, or microwave, the ONDC network has an extensive collection to cater to your needs.
  2. Competitive Prices: One of the significant advantages of shopping on the open network is competitive pricing. Due to the platform's large customer base and direct partnerships with manufacturers, you can often find attractive discounts and deals on home appliance purchases.
    Plus sellers also pass cost savings to buyers (ONDC network charges a fraction of upfront commission and there are no monthly or annual subscription fees, unlike other marketplaces.
  3. Genuine Products: The ONDC network is committed to providing customers with authentic products. They work closely with trusted sellers and ensure strict quality control measures. This assurance allows you to shop with confidence.
  4. Choose your preferred sellers:  When you buy home appliances from the ONDC network, always prefer sellers who provide value-added services by choosing the best solution provider network participants (NPs).
  5. Get faster delivery: When you buy home appliances on ONDC network, you have the flexibility to choose sellers in your vicinity. In that way, you ensure faster delivery including same-day delivery from the local sellers.
  6. Get personalized deals and discounts: The ONDC network gives the flexibility to connect with the sellers directly to explain your budget and requirements to get personalized deals and delivery solutions.
  7. Secure Payments: When you order home appliances on ONDC network your payments are secured with ONDC network standard complaint NP payment solutions providers.

Why should we buy home appliances on the ONDC network from the Mystore buyer app

Mystore is a leading buyer app for the ONDC network, offering a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for home appliances. Here are some reasons why Mystore is an ideal choice:

  1. Personalized Recommendations: Mystore offers a superior buying experience by providing personalized recommendations based on your preferences, ensuring you find the most suitable home appliances.
  2. Multilingual Admin Panel: With a multilingual admin panel, Mystore allows you to change the entire content to your preferred language, eliminating any language barriers and making it easier to browse the network.
  3. Multi-seller Shopping Cart: Multi-seller shopping cart feature of the Mystore Buyer app enables you to add products from different sellers and conveniently pay for all of them in a single transaction, saving time and effort.
  4. Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Mystore frequently offers exclusive deals and discounts, enabling you to save even more on your home appliance purchases. Keep an eye out for limited-time promotions and seasonal sales.
  5. Frictionless Payment Options: The buyer app offers frictionless payment options, giving you the flexibility to pay for your order using various methods such as cards, net banking, or digital wallets, making the payment process hassle-free.
  6. Inbuilt Tracking Feature: Mystore includes an inbuilt tracking feature that allows for easy tracking of orders, ensuring you can stay updated on the status of your home appliance purchases.
  7. Seamless Communication: Mystore facilitates seamless communication with buyers, enabling you to raise any issues or queries directly on the platform, providing a convenient way to address concerns related to sellers or products.
  8. Enhanced Customer Support: Mystore provides excellent customer support services, ensuring any queries or concerns you may have are addressed promptly. Their knowledgeable staff is readily available to assist you throughout your shopping journey.

Step-by-step process to order home appliances on the ONDC network

Follow these simple steps to shop on the ONDC network via the Mystore buyer app:

  • Download the Mystore buyer app
  • Browse through the app to look for available home appliances using categories or an advanced search filter of the Mystore buyer app
  • Choose your desired home appliances from different sellers and add them to your multi-seller cart 
  • Review your cart before proceeding to the checkout process
  • Enter your shipping address and select your preferred payment method
  • Complete the payment process using Mystore’s frictionless payment method (card, net banking, or e-wallets) and place your order
  • Receive your order
  • Track your order with Mystore's inbuilt tracking feature


Mystore stands out as an ideal buyer app on the ONDC network, offering an extensive range of home appliances, exclusive deals, exceptional customer support, and secure transactions. Begin your home appliance shopping experience on the ONDC network with Mystore and enjoy a hassle-free process. 

Excited to buy home appliances on ONDC network? 

Download Mystore buyer app today.

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