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Busting 5 myths about ONDC Network

About ONDC Network

Team MystoreNov 9, 2022

Struggling with the idea of selling on the ONDC network? Confused about what the novel ONDC network initiative has in store for you? Heard a lot many things about the open platform but unsure of its credibility?

Well, you can relax now. Mystore has you covered and we are going to give you fact-based answers.

All you need to do is, focus on growing your business by joining the Open Network - the easiest way to get started with ecommerce in India. 

Wondering how?

The Mystore seller app - designed for businesses planning to leverage the open network for digital commerce. 

Before you hop on the ONDC network bandwagon, let us first understand the open network for digital commerce and then bust the myths one by one.

Let’s get started: 

What is ONDC network and how does it work?

The ONDC network is a government-backed initiative bringing sellers and millions of buyers from India together on a shared platform. With the ONDC network, sellers will now be able to reach unexplored markets and create their individual brand presence in the Indian ecommerce landscape. 

The ONDC network setup is designed to make selling easy even for novice users who have no prior knowledge or experience of selling online. Unlike the giant online marketplace for sellers that have monopolised the ecommerce landscape, the ONDC network aims to democratise ecommerce by connecting the sellers with the best technical service providers, payment solutions, logistics service providers, etc. to develop a framework completing the supply chain. The platform gives sellers massive opportunities to set their businesses on an upward growth trajectory.

Advantages of registering on the ONDC network

The ONDC network is here to help merchants grow their businesses in the ecommerce industry in India hassle-free. When sellers register and sell on the platform, they get access to a wide customer base and are able to retain loyal customers.

Here is how sellers can benefit by selling on the ONDC network:

  • Go to the market quickly with a cutting-edge ONDC network seller app like Mystore

  • Reach new customers and unexplored markets

  • Improve profit margin by running business on their own terms

  • Do business in a non-discriminatory environment with ONDC network

  • Access valuable customer data and plan strategic marketing campaigns 

  • Leverage personalizations and m-commerce to attract more customers 

Merchants are now no longer dependent on monopolistic marketplaces to establish their online presence. They can go to the market in record time with the ONDC network. However, with all the benefits, sellers are still a tad bit confused about selling on the ONDC network. Lots of information about the platform has been doing rounds in the market leading to false assumptions. 

Busting 5 myths about ONDC network

The ONDC network is the most revolutionary thing that has happened to the Indian ecommerce market. Many sellers are yet to discover and tap into the online market, but with the launch of ONDC network, more and more sellers can leverage the online market for their profit. To start selling on the open platform for digital commerce, sellers need to have a clear understanding of the setup and make informed decisions.

Busting myths about the ONDC network

To begin the journey let us bust some myths around ONDC network to help sellers get a fair idea of the platform:

Myth 1: ONDC network is for small businesses only

FACT: While the novel initiative is primarily to facilitate SMEs, it is a lesser-known fact that ONDC network enables businesses of every size to participate. From the smallest sellers from rural areas to the large-scale merchants from metro cities, the open network is for all. The platform provides an equal opportunity to small as well as large enterprise businesses to claim their shares in ecommerce in India. The novel initiative is designed to help sellers engage better with their customers and reach more buyers in a cost-effective way. ONDC network is going to be accessible to merchants of all industries who can sell their goods or services using the platform. 

Myth 2: Selling on ONDC network is complicated

FACT:  The ONDC platform is designed to be easy-to-use for the sellers. A simple registration on the open network is all the sellers need to start selling on ONDC network. Even a novice user, with no prior experience or knowledge of selling online, can create his presence on the platform in a few easy steps. To showcase and sell their products, sellers just need to use one of the many seller apps like Mystore. 

The Mystore seller app is built on cutting-edge technology and offers a host of features to make online selling easy. With its intuitive and simple admin dashboard, sellers can easily manage and grow their businesses. It offers a host of features like integrated shipping, multiple payment options, easy inventory, order management etc. making business handling seamless.  

Myth 3: Not all industries can sell on ONDC network

FACT: While ONDC network started its pilot with groceries and F&B, the platform is opening for a variety of industries in a phased manner. Sellers from many industries have already started selling on the ONDC network. It has enabled small retailers, kirana shops, home decor sellers, gadgets and electronics businesses, food industry, fashion, and cosmetics sellers, etc to join the e-commerce industry. Very soon ONDC network is set to open for restaurants and cloud kitchens in New Delhi. There are plans to open the platform for B2B grocery sellers also. These sellers can sell their goods and services to 25 crore buyers across segments in hundreds of cities in India.

The Mystore seller app makes it easy for sellers to integrate with the logistics and service providers. The scalable Mystore seller app enables the sellers to upload a vast catalogue from various industries while offering advanced ecommerce solutions for businesses.  

Myth 4: ONDC network will cause Unfair Competition

FACT: ONDC network is founded on the core idea of eliminating unfair competition and supporting businesses in an unbiased way. Unlike the popular marketplaces that give preferential treatment to bigger sellers that can shell out bucks for ads or prime positioning, the open network treats all sellers equally. 

The existing popular online marketplace for sellers often launches their own products based on the bestselling product data on their platform. This gives them an unfair advantage as they price such products cheaper and drive the customers to their lower-priced product variants. Unlike these predatory practices of the marketplaces,  ONDC network will be giving insights to sellers to grow their business. Also., sellers will have full control of their data. As ONDC network is a non-profit organization it will not resort to practices of marketplaces that drive customers to their own brand’s products with manipulative pricing and marketing strategy. 

Sellers on the ONDC network will be able to go with any seller app of their choice. For example, any seller using one of the approved seller apps can move to Mystore seller app. The reputation of the seller is portable across the platform irrespective of which seller app they are using.

With thousands of sellers coming together on the same platform, the competition is high but fair. With no special attention to any sellers based on their size or paid ads, ONDC network is here to democratize ecommerce in India.

Myth 5: Sellers need to pay huge commissions

This is where the ONDC network is going to become your favourite online selling platform. The steep commissions charged by the giant marketplaces are a common fact known to all. Hefty commissions eat up major portions earned by the sellers as commissions. Contrary to that, the ONDC network will be charging a fairly lesser commission from sellers. 

While sellers apps, buyer apps like Mystore, logistics providers and later on ONDC network will also charge a small commission from sellers, the sum total of all of these costs/commissions for the sellers will be only a fraction of what sellers otherwise pay to monopolistic giant marketplaces. 


It's pretty clear that ONDC network is here to stay and bring reforms in the ecommerce industry, giving all SMEs and enterprise businesses equal access to a wide audience base. However, to fully utilize the opportunity, sellers need an advanced seller app with futuristic features and advanced cutting-edge technology. The Mystore seller app is an ONDC network-connected platform built on easy-to-use yet feature-rich ecommerce solutions for all merchants to help them grow their businesses. 

Ready to explore the digital space with ONDC network? Get yourself registered on the Mystore seller app in no time.

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Rohit Tandon
10/16/2023, 07:02 PM

Loved how the article clears up the ONDC myths! It's crucial to stay informed, and this blog did it brilliantly.

Reply from Team Mystore

Hi Rohit, thanks for appreciating our blog on Busting 5 myths about ONDC Network. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the Mystore blog!