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Complete Guide to Fulfilment Flow on ONDC Network

About ONDC Network

MystoreApr 19, 2023

Whether you’re an emerging or established online retailer, it’s no secret that order fulfillment is a tricky yet necessary part of your overall business strategy. What merchants do after the customer clicks “Purchase” will ultimately determine their eCommerce brand's success.

ONDC network, the latest e-commerce network for sellers in India, promises to be a game-changer by not only offering a new way of doing online business but by also offering on-network logistics solutions to take the pain away from e-commerce fulfillment.

Not only can brands get better discoverability by switching to the democratic network, they can also access on-network logistics solutions as an added bonus!

This beginner’s guide provides a detailed insight into what logistics on the ONDC network looks like and how joining forces with on-network logistics partners of ONDC network can help you streamline your delivery process for quicker, cheaper fulfillment and satisfied customers.

What is ONDC Network

The novel initiative ONDC network, is a huge step forward for small businesses, as it creates a level playing field and grants them access to an open, transparent and uniform digital space. Also, logistics partners on the revolutionary open network will help small retailers expand their delivery capabilities to customers thousands of kilometers away.

Merchants on the open network can find and use on-network logistics players via ONDC network-compliant applications like the Mystore seller app

How will ONDC Network Logistics Impact the Sellers

Through logistics from ONDC network, small merchants can ensure timely pick-up and dispatch from their offline shop/manufacturing unit whilst availing logistics services of well-known logistics partners without bearing any upfront cost of creating a separate account with each delivery partner. SMEs can penetrate new markets by widening their delivery area with the help of on-network logistics  partners from ONDC network

How “Order fulfillment” on ONDC network works

Let’s understand the end-to-end process of how ONDC network logistics work through the help of this simple flow chart:

As we can see, merchants and buyers must onboard the open network through the ONDC network-compatible buyer and seller apps, respectively. Once an order is placed via any ONDC network-compatible buyer app, the merchant will receive the notification of the requested product on the Mystore seller app dashboard.

Now, historically speaking, mom-and-pop shops had no option but to deploy a fleet of delivery persons; or, for long-distance orders, rely on their marketplaces (such as Amazon’s FBA). But on the open network, newbie merchants can choose from multiple a) on-network or b) off-network logistics solutions for cost-effective and fast deliveries.

On-network logistics: Instead of self-fulfillment, Mystore-affiliated merchants or brands can outsource delivery to a certified logistics provider available on the ONDC network. From your Mystore admin dashboard you can choose your preferred delivery partner from 25+ options (FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC, etc.). 

Off-network logistics: Off-network or local logistics providers can help with faster delivery for cheaper shipping rates. Off-network logistics solution is ideal for ONDC network merchants with lower order volumes or who’re looking to deliver goods to tier 3-4 cities. Mystore enables merchants to switch between off-network and on-network delivery partners based on their business needs. 

5 FAQs For Mystore Logistics Solutions For ONDC network-Affiliated Businesses

Q1. What is an on-network logistics partner?

An on-network logistics partner is an ONDC network-connected NP ( Network Participant) logistics provider that offers logistics services in compliance with protocols laid by ONDC network. Going with ON-Network logistics is a cost-effective alternative for ONDC network businesses that are finding in-house fulfillment complex, costly, and time-consuming.

Sellers can choose from multiple on-network logistics partners to optimize their shipping costs and streamline their deliveries. Mystore seller app helps sellers get delivery rates in real-time from all on-network logistics partners and enables them to choose the most cost-effective fulfillment partner.

Q2. How can I find my ideal ONDC network logistics partner via Mystore?

Mystore seller helps you make informed decisions on choosing the best-fit logistics partner for a given order-location combination.  From your Mystore admin dashboard, you can easily get quotes from different on-network logistics partners by adding your parcel weight and pick-up address to your order details. 

You can then compare their rates, and choose the most economical one to handle your pan-India deliveries.

Q3. What are some Mystore features to help in my order fulfillment?

Here’s what’s in the Mystore goodybag for all eCommerce merchants looking to sell their products on the ONDC network:

  • Real-time visibility of received orders
  • Compare on-network logistics services
  • Multiple off-network integrations
  • Automate order shipping
  • Dictate your refund/return policy
  • Schedule order pickup
  • Print shipping labels and invoices
  • Built-in order tracking, etc.

Q4. What is off-network logistics and how can I use it?

All the logistics companies that are not ONDC network NPs can be your off-network logistics partners. You can choose your preferred local logistics partner and fulfill orders using their services.

Mystore seller app enables you to easily add your preferred off-network logistics partner by disabling the on-network option in a single click. You can also add the shipping charges and tracking details of your chosen off-network fulfillment partner to ship and track your shipments. 

Q5 . Can I switch between on-network and off-network logistics?

Yes, using the Mystore seller app’s admin panel you can easily switch between on-network and off-network logistics any time you wish.

Amp Up ONDC Network Logistics with Mystore

In addition to the ready-to-use catalog management and marketing tools, Mystore supports real-time order tracking capabilities, providing you with a holistic viewpoint of your entire supply chain.

A powerful admin displays a comprehensive list of all buyer activity, giving you the freedom to access order and client data as needed. Moreover, sellers can generate invoices, mark an order as shipped, and even refund/cancel orders in just a few clicks. Make order management and shipping effortless with our plug-and-play eCommerce solutions.

Through end-to-end logistics solutions, Mystore helps automate, streamline and optimize the fulfillment of your ONDC network-based orders.


A successful eCommerce brand is one that is able to strike a balance between offering the best customer service and maintaining its bottom line. One of the most proven methodologies to achieve both is by optimizing your fulfillment strategy. Thanks to the launch of ONDC network, merchants can get started on their selling journey without prior expertise in eCommerce fulfillment. Logistics partners of ONDC network are there to help you get products delivered to your customer’s doorstep in a jiffy.

Get in touch with your ideal ONDC nework logistics partner through Mystore today!

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Ajit Tandon
11/17/2023, 04:02 PM

Your complete guide to fulfillment flow on ONDC is a game-changer! Thanks for simplifying the process.

Reply from Team Mystore

Hi Ajit, thanks for appreciating our blog on Complete Guide to Fulfilment Flow on ONDC Network. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the Mystore blog!