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How can dairy products D2C brands nail hyperlocal commerce with ONDC Network

ONDC Network Seller App

MystoreSep 19, 2023

The D2C market value, which was $12 billion USD in 2022, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 40% by 2027, reaching $60 billion USD. As consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for their daily needs, D2C hyperlocal businesses have emerged as key players in meeting these demands. 

The dairy product industry has also seen this exponential rise in the D2C e-commerce market. Many dairy product D2C brands, like Country Delight, have already leveraged the hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace.

If you are a D2C brand for dairy products and want to sell on ONDC network,  you have a unique opportunity to leverage hyperlocal commerce and reach pan-India markets with the Mystore Seller app.

For a dairy product D2C brand looking to increase its customer base and sell directly to cut costs, the ONDC  network is a game-changing initiative. Backed by the Government of India, ONDC network aims to provide a unified platform for all sellers to do business in an open discrimination-free environment.

In this blog, we will explore how dairy products D2C brands can thrive by utilizing the ONDC network.

Let's start with understanding what ONDC network actually is.

What is ONDC Network

The ONDC network or open network for digital commerce protocol is a government-backed initiative that aims to democratize the entire eCommerce landscape. It aims to create an inclusive platform where small players, including D2C startups, local merchants, and MSMEs, can sell on a level playing field and get equal opportunities to grow.

Joining the ONDC Network for Hyperlocal Commerce

Dairy product D2C brands can tap into the potential of hyperlocal commerce by registering on the ONDC network using the advanced ONDC network seller app. By creating an account on the Mystore Seller app, dairy brands can sell on ONDC network with ease. They can handle orders, requests, and transactions from one centralized location. 

The Government-led ONDC network works on open-network protocols and provides an equal opportunity to all to sell on a level-playing field and increase their sales and brand reputation.

The ONDC network has a diverse range of on-network logistic partners that sellers can avail to ensure faster and more reliable delivery. Plus, with the ONDC network, sellers can provide flexibility to their buyers to pay in whichever mode (COD, card, net banking, e-wallets, etc.) they are comfortable with.

Benefits of ONDC network for dairy products D2C brands

For dairy product D2C brands, it is very challenging to compete with already established market leaders. However, when D2C brands sell on ONDC network, they can operate on a level playing field and have equal discoverability, just like the well-established businesses.

Here are the top benefits for sellers looking to sell dairy products on ONDC network:

Expanded market reach

By selling on the ONDC network, dairy products D2C brands can gain access to a broader customer base. ONDC enables buyers to discover and choose from a wide range of vendors, including hyperlocal D2C brands selling dairy products. 

This increased visibility and accessibility, helps D2C brands to create a presence in the competitive ecommerce space, enhancing brand reach and customer satisfaction with faster hyperlocal deliveries aided by the ONDC network’s logistics partners.

Omnichannel presence made easy

In this highly competitive digital landscape where new brands are entering the market every day, it is crucial for businesses to create an omnichannel presence. However, building and managing a presence across different platforms can be challenging. 

The Open Network for Digital commerce automatically solves this problem. When a seller lists Dairy products on the ONDC network,  their products become discoverable to all ONDC network buyers, no matter which ONDC network buyer app they are using.

The Mystore Seller app adopts a multi-channel integration approach, allowing dairy product sellers to efficiently manage and fulfill customer demands on multiple channels like website, mobile apps etc using a single admin panel.

Enhanced visibility and search ranking

One of the significant challenges faced by dairy products D2C brands is poor visibility in the highly competitive market. 

The ONDC network addresses this issue through its proprietary algorithm, which ranks sellers based on customer search relevancy. By aligning product offerings with buyer preferences such as delivery time, charges, etc, dairy brands can gain uninterrupted product visibility and transparency, ensuring their products reach the right customers.

Cost optimization

Unlike traditional eCommerce platforms that impose high commissions and operational costs, the ONDC network offers a more cost-effective solution for dairy products D2C brands. With the open network brands get to pay less commission which enables them to pass on the benefits of better profit margin to the buyers. This in turn creates customer loyalty and opportunities to grow faster. 

Platforms like the Mystore Seller app provide cutting-edge solutions for hyperlocal dairy product sellers to run and grow their business by leveraging the Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol.

Reliable logistics partners

Efficient logistics is vital for maintaining a strong brand image and ensuring timely order delivery. 

Dairy products D2C brands often struggle to find an ideal logistics partner with a reliable supply chain infrastructure. The ONDC network solves this challenge by providing access to a network of approved logistics providers. Leveraging on-network logistic partners, brands can optimize hyperlocal delivery to deliver Dairy products on ONDC network.


The ONDC network presents an immense opportunity for dairy products D2C brands to excel in hyperlocal commerce.

By registering on the ONDC network seller app to sell  Dairy products on ONDC network, dairy brands can leverage benefits such as expanded market reach, cost optimization, enhanced visibility, omnichannel presence, and reliable logistics partnerships. The democratic and inclusive approach of the ONDC network to eCommerce opens doors for small players, allowing them to compete on a level playing field. 

Register on the ONDC network through the Mystore seller app today and start to sell on ONDC network.

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