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How to order biryani from Biryani Blues using ONDC Network and Mystore buyer app

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreSep 11, 2023

Biryani! Just hearing this name makes our mouths water. We're so crazy about biryani that we often end up paying a hefty amount to order it online from top biryani outlets. Unfortunately, this can strain our budget because popular food delivery platforms like Zomato and Swiggy charge us extra for delivering our beloved dishes.

But, did you know there's a platform where you can get your favorite biryani at a significant discount? Yes, the same biryani that you order from Biryani Blues through other food delivery platforms is available on the ONDC network at 20-40% cheaper rates depending on discounts, etc.

Wondering what the ONDC network is and how it has revolutionized today’s food delivery industry? 

Let's understand ONDC network or Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol

The ONDC network is a government-backed initiative that facilitates direct communication between sellers and buyers across India on an open network. It aims to empower sellers, particularly retailers and small businesses, to establish their digital presence. By registering on the ONDC network, sellers are free to make their own business policies unlike when they are selling on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart and have to adhere to rules and guidelines of these marketplaces.

From a buyer's perspective, the ONDC network is a fantastic platform, especially for price-conscious buyers, the Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol offers a wide range of products, including food, at significantly lower prices compared to other platforms. When comparing prices, you can observe the substantial price difference when you order food on ONDC network and the same food from the same brand from other food delivery platforms.

This is because the ONDC network allows customers to directly connect with sellers and purchase from them. Additionally, the ONDC network enables customers to find local sellers who meet their specific requirements, building a connection between buyers and local businesses.

Why should you order from Biryani Blues using the Mystore Buyer App

To order biryani from Biryani Blues using  ONDC network, buyers need to download an advanced ONDC network buyer app. There are many Buyer apps that provide the gateway to the ONDC network, but why should we use Mystore? This question might pop -up in your mind. So here are the answers to all your doubts.

  1. The Mystore Buyer app is the first-of-its-kind multilingual app that offers the convenience of browsing the network in your preferred language. You have the flexibility to switch the entire content from English to Hindi or Kannada, and vice versa. This unique feature is exclusively integrated into Mystore and is not available on any other app connected to the ONDC network.
  2. Mystore empowers customers to shop from various brands and add products to a single cart, facilitating seamless ordering. For instance, you can order food on ONDC network from two different brands on the ONDC network and pay for them in a single transaction. 
  3. Mystore ensures the utmost safety and security of customer data by being a PCI-DSS-compliant app. You can trust Mystore to safeguard your information effectively.
  4. The Mystore buyer app offers frictionless and hassle-free payment options to buyers. You can conveniently pay for your order from Biryani Blues using your preferred payment mode, whether through cards, net banking, or digital wallets.
  5. With the inbuilt tracking feature of Mystore, customers can easily track their orders in real-time. You no longer need to worry about the whereabouts of your order or when it will be delivered. Mystore keeps you informed.

How to order biryani from Biryani Blue’s using the Mystore buyer app

Follow these step-by-step processes to order from Biryani Blues in a simplified manner. 

  • Download and install the Mystore buyer app.
  • Sign up or log in to create or access your account.
  • Select your location to display nearby Biryani Blues outlets.
  • Browse Biryani Blues and tap to access their menu.
  • Explore the menu and choose the desired items.
  • Add selected items to your Cart.
  • Review your order for accuracy.
  • Proceed to checkout when ready.
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • Place your order to confirm.
  • Track your order using Mystore's built-in tracking feature.

With the Mystore buyer app, ordering your favorite biryani from Biryani Blues has never been easier. Now, let's explore the top 5 delicious food items that you should order from Biryani Blues using the Mystore buyer app.

Top 5 delicious food that you should order from Biryani Blues using Mystore

Here are the top 5 delicious food items that you should definitely try from Biryani Blues using the Mystore buyer app.

  1. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani: Fragrant basmati rice cooked with succulent chicken pieces and aromatic spices, known for its rich flavors and authentic Hyderabadi taste.
  2. Butter Chicken: A popular North Indian dish featuring tender chicken cooked in a creamy and buttery tomato-based gravy, perfect to pair with naan or rice. It's a perfect choice to order food on ONDC network.
  3. Paneer Tikka: Marinated cubes of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) grilled to perfection, offering a delightful combination of smoky and tangy flavors.
  4. Mutton Korma: Tender mutton pieces simmered in a luscious and flavorful curry, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience that pairs well with rice or naan.
  5. Gulab Jamun: A classic Indian dessert consisting of soft, deep-fried milk dumplings soaked in a sweet rose-flavored syrup, providing a sweet and indulgent end to your meal.

Enjoy the delicious flavors of Biryani Blues and satisfy your cravings by ordering through the Mystore buyer app.


Craving for your favorite biryani from Biryani Blues? No worries. Mystore bought an ultimate solution to order from Biryani Blues using the ONDC network.

When you order food on ONDC network from any brand, restaurant, or outlet, you can save a lot of money as ONDC network delivers food and other products to you at the original price. 

Download the Mystore buyer app today and satisfy your cravings without worrying about the budget. 

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