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How to order food from Burger King from ONDC Network using the Mystore buyer app

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreSep 8, 2023

Are you craving the mouthwatering delights from Burger King? Do you regularly order burgers for your family and friends from Burger King? If your answer is yes, then your online food ordering process from Burger King is about to be simplified with ONDC Network.

Wondering how to order from Burger King on the ONDC network? Look no further!  In this blog, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of ordering food from Burger King using Mystore Buyer app for the ONDC network.

So, stay tuned till the end.

What is ONDC network and why should we use Mystore to get the most out of it

The ONDC network is a novel initiative started by the government of India to transform the digital commerce landscape. The ONDC network is a revolutionary unified platform that provides a decentralized ecosystem for buyers and sellers to interact seamlessly, offering a range of benefits like increased security, increased transparency, and reduced costs. 

To leverage the full potential of the Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol, Mystore comes into play as an advanced and feature-rich app that provides a gateway to this unified platform. By registering on the ONDC network via the Mystore buyer app, you can gain access to a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire buying process with ONDC network.  Mystore empowers you to explore a world of opportunities with the Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocols.

Mystore offers a range of additional features to enhance your online buying experience with Burger King. It includes,

  • Superior buying experience by providing a user-friendly interface to order from Burger King.
  • Multilingual admin panel to change the entire content in your preferred language ( English, Hindi, and Kannada) and browse the network without any language barrier.
  • Multi-seller shopping cart to add food from Burger King or other food outlets and pay for all of them in one go. 
  • The frictionless payment feature of the Mystore buyer app provides you with the flexibility to pay via card, net banking, or digital wallets.
  • Mystore comes with an inbuilt tracking feature that allows for easy tracking of orders.
  • Facilitates seamless communication with buyers. You can raise issues or queries regarding any seller directly on Mystore.

With Mystore, you can unlock a world of convenience, choice, and seamless online shopping experiences. Now, let's look at the delicious dishes that you can order from Burger King using the Mystore Buyer app.

Top 5 most ordered items from Burger King

Here are the 5 most delicious food items to order from Burger King

  1. Veg Whopper: Flame-grilled vegetable patty with fresh veggies, mayo, and a sesame seed bun - a popular choice for vegetarian burger lovers in India.
  2. Chicken Whopper: Flame-grilled chicken patty with fresh veggies, mayo, and a sesame seed bun - a delicious and satisfying option for chicken enthusiasts.
  3. Crispy Veg Supreme: Crispy vegetable patty topped with lettuce, mayo, and a sesame seed bun - a flavorful and crunchy vegetarian burger option.
  4. Paneer King Melt: Grilled paneer (Indian cottage cheese) with tangy sauce and melted cheese, served on a toasted bun - a delightful fusion of Indian flavours in a burger.
  5. Chicken Tandoor Grill: Juicy grilled chicken patty marinated in tandoori spices, topped with fresh veggies and mayo, served on a toasted bun - a flavorful twist on a classic chicken burger.

Now, let's see how we can order delicious food on the ONDC network with the Mystore buyer app.

Steps to order food from Burger King from ONDC network using the Mystore buyer app

Buying food from Burger King on the ONDC network is quite easy with Mystore. Here are the steps to follow

Register on ONDC network through Mystore Buyer App

To start, register on ONDC network via Mystore. Download the app on your phone or you can also browse PWA Mystore on your Laptop or tablet. Now register on the ONDC network to leverage all its perks to buy food on ONDC network from Burger King.

Find Burger King near your area 

After registration, you are all set to explore the top Burger King outlets near your area listed on the ONDC network. Utilize Mystore's hyperlocal feature, which displays a list of all Burger Kings near your location. This means that the closer the Burger King is to your area, the earlier it will be displayed in your app.

Browse the menu

Select a Burger King outlet, from which you want to buy food on ONDC network. Once selected, go to their menu section. Explore various options like burgers, french fries, desserts, beverages, etc.  Click on each category to see the available items. Check descriptions if there are any deals or offers going on. Also check the price, before making up your mind to place an order from Burger King.

Place an order

After carefully going through all the details, place an order. Also check if a customization option is available like selecting the burger size, extra toppings, or extra cheese. Select these if you want and place the order accordingly. 

Payment and checkout 

Now click on the checkout button and make a payment. When you buy food from Burger King on ONDC network with the Mystore buyer app, you are free to make the payment of your choice. Mystore enables secure and frictionless checkouts. So make payment in your preferred mode via card, net banking, or e-wallet. 

Track and receive an order

Utilize the ONDC network buyer app from Mystore to track your order every minute. Mystore comes with an advanced tracking feature that allows you to track every stage of your order delivery.  When you buy food on ONDC network using Mystore, you can also see all the transaction details as the app maintains complete transparency with you. 


Ordering from burger king has never been easier with Mystore. Follow these step-by-step guide to satisfy your cravings and enjoy delicious dishes from ONDC network. Leverage the ONDC network and simplify your food ordering experience with Mystore's ONDC network buyer app. 

Are you excited to buy food on ONDC network from Burger King?

Download the multilingual Mystore Buyer app today for a delightful food ordering journey.

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