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How To Register Your Products Directly on the ONDC Network

About ONDC Network

MystoreUpdated Date :Oct 6, 2023 |Feb 22, 2023

Are you facing difficulties in competing with online marketplace giants? Not getting the expected exposure for your online business?

Want to enhance the discoverability of your products to pan-India Customers? 

The ultimate solution is to sell on ONDC network. 

Yes, the ONDC network is your destination if you are facing challenges in growing your business online. 

Wondering what the ONDC network is? 

Well,  It's a Government-backed initiative that promises a level playing field for businesses of every size and scale.  Since its launch in September 2022, the ONDC network has been a game changer in the Indian e-commerce industry. 

The ONDC network or the Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol is the most ambitious project so far, which enables sellers and buyers to switch from monopolistic marketplaces to a democratic and open network. 

The best part is, that sellers of every size and scale including SMEs, retailers, startup businesses, shopkeepers, hyperlocal sellers, enterprise businesses, etc. can sell on ONDC network together and grow their business. 

If you're wondering how to register on the open network, this blog is for you. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the complete registration process on the ONDC network.

But first, let's take a brief look at the novel initiative and why millions of small-to-mid-scale sellers as well as enterprise brands are excited about its incredible potential.

ONDC Network - A necessary market leveller

The ONDC Network is an open network where sellers and buyers can connect directly without any intermediaries.  It doesn’t matter if you have recently started your business or are running a small business, the ONDC network gives equal opportunities for your business to grow without any discrimination with big brands or enterprises.

When we talk about the Indian e-commerce industry, it is fully dominated by traditional e-commerce marketplaces, especially by Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon and Flipkart together control over 60% of India's e-retail sector due to which any new business, SMEs, local sellers, FPOs, and D2C brands struggle to grow their business online. These businesses have to depend on monopolistic marketplaces to sell their products to online customers. Subsequently, they do not get the online exposure that they deserve. 

To eliminate all these struggles of Indian retailers, SMEs, small businesses, D2C brands, FPOs, etc, the ONDC network brings an open, democratic, and non-discriminatory network. 

Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol aims to curb the dominance of monopolistic marketplaces. To be clear, the ONDC network is not an application, website, aggregator, or competitor. It's an open network that enables all kind of businesses irrespective of their scale and size to become eCommerce participants.

To sell on ONDC network, sellers need to register on the democratic open network using one of the ONDC network seller app like Mystore seller app. Once registered, sellers can easily list their products on the ONDC network and start selling. No matter which ONDC network seller app, a seller uses to list on ONDC network, their products are discoverable to pan-India customers using the ONDC network.  That way, sellers can break free from large platforms like Amazon who exercise control over the products and the customer reach of small sellers.

Unlike traditional marketplaces, the ONDC network gives complete control of the business to its owner. Sellers can seamlessly set product prices, discounts, offers, etc. Sellers can choose their preffered delivery partners, set their own terms and policies, and get the same brand exposure that giant platforms offer without any downsides. So, no more outrageous commissions, contract lock-ins, fluctuating traffic, or technological barriers. The ONDC network truly has the potential to democratise the Indian eCommerce marketplace.

How to register on the ONDC network directly

If you're an Indian seller who wants to sell on ONDC network,  you have to use an advanced Seller app connected to the ONDC network to register on the ONDC network. The Mystore Seller app is a leading ONDC network connected seller interface, providing out-of-the-box features for sellers to list on ONDC network. 

Mystore’s feature-rich admin panel makes registering and selling on the ONDC network super easy. Even a novice seller can easily use the intuitive admin dashboard of Mystore to connect to customers across the country. 

When you register on the ONDC network, your product catalogs are easily discoverable by customers looking for products like yours.

The ONDC network registration process made simple with Mystore

Registering on the ONDC network via the leading ONDC network-connected marketplace is a breeze. Anyone can list on ONDC network, regardless of their technical or selling expertise. They can choose any compatible ONDC network seller app to make their products discoverable to millions of Indian buyers quickly.

Simply visit the registration page of the Mystore Seller app and fill in the required details like business name, GSTIN number, bank account details, etc. It's that easy! 

You can quickly start selling on the ONDC network using the Mystore Seller app. Sellers need to follow the five simple steps to register on the ONDC network. These are:  

  1. Create your account: Begin by signing up for the ONDC network through the Mystore Seller app
  2. List your products: Upload high-quality product images and give detailed product descriptions for products on the ONDC network
  3. Get orders: Start receiving orders from customers across the country who are interested in your products
  4. Choose a cost-effective shipping partner: Select a cost-effective on-network or off-network shipping partner to fulfil customer orders efficiently
  5. Get your payments: Receive payments within stipulated terms and time-frame

When you complete the sign-up process, the Mystore Seller app provides you with a unique set of tools to help you migrate your product catalog to Mystore’s platform. If you don’t have an online presence, you can build your online presence easily by uploading and listing your products on Mystore. Doing so will ensure that customers find and buy your products easily.

Let's understand the ONDC network registration process with the example of a fashion brand planning to sell via the ONDC network

Let us take the example of a fashion brand owner Rohan planning to sell via the ONDC network: 

Step 1- Rohan uses the Mystore Seller app to register his fashion business on the ONDC network. He can also use the website of Mystore to register on the ONDC network.

Step 2- Rohan visits the registration page of Mystore, i.e.https://seller.mystore.in/en/seller/register .

Step 3- He fills in all the required details like Phone number, email ID, Business name, GSTIN number, bank account details, etc.  This step ensures that Rohan's business is registered on the ONDC network.

Step 4- After successful registration, Rohan logs into the Mystore Seller app. He will upload high-quality images of his fashion products with detailed descriptions. 

Step 5- Once Rohan's products are listed on the ONDC network, Rohan starts receiving orders from pan-India customers who are interested in his fashion products. He can view and manage orders through the Mystore Seller app.

Step 6- Rohan will choose a cost-effective on-network shipping partner to ensure efficient order fulfilment. He can switch between on-network and off-network logistic partners at the ONDC seller app of Mystore.

Step 7- Rohan will receive payments in his registered bank account once the customer receives the order and the time frame for return lapses. 

That's all! By following these simple steps Rohan will easily register his fashion brand on the ONDC network and start selling to millions of Indian buyers. 

Why choose Mystore to join the ONDC network?

Why Mystore? 

Simple. Mystore is a leading Indian marketplace connected to the ONDC network with ONDC network buyer and seller apps to help streamline the entire selling/buying experience on the ONDC network. 

Here’s what sellers get when they join the ONDC network via Mystore:

Order and Product management features: Mystore offers robust tools and built-in features for sellers to efficiently manage orders and products. This streamlines the entire selling process and makes it easier to handle a large volume of orders. 

M-Commerce support for better sales: With M-Commerce support integrated into the platform, the Mystore Seller app enables sellers to tap into the rapidly growing mobile commerce market. This subsequently increases the sellers' potential for sales and reach.

Feature-rich admin dashboard: Sellers on Mystore's ONDC network seller app benefit from an intuitive and feature-rich admin dashboard. This simplifies product management, order tracking, and performance analysis.

Multiple channel migration solutions: The Mystore Seller app provides sellers with versatile options for migrating their products to the ONDC network, making it easier to expand their reach and diversify their sales channels.

Powerful marketing solutions: Sellers can leverage Mystore's robust marketing tools to promote their products effectively and attract a larger customer base within the ONDC network.

On-demand logistics support: Mystore gives access to on-network logistics partners with real-time rates calculations, which enable sellers to fulfill orders efficiently and optimize delivery costs.

With the Mystore Seller app, you can list products, manage inventory, access logistics, receive orders, fulfil orders, and ultimately receive payments. Mystore registered vendors can also access powerful marketing tools.


Most of India's small, local sellers are "invisible" online or have a negligible digital footprint, keeping them from benefiting from India's exponential rise as an eCommerce hub.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol will usher in a new way of selling online. The ONDC network-connected feature-rich Mystore will help merchants of all scales and sizes and across all industries quickly sell on ONDC network without any restrictions and with minimal commission and ZERO subscription cost. Now is just the right time to attune your business to the ever-changing e-retail marketplace and list on ONDC network.

We understand how daunting the prospect of setting up shop online can be, so Mystore is here to ensure that your eCommerce selling experience is rewarding, easy and stress-free.

Register on the Mystore Seller app today and Become an ONDC-affiliated vendor.

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