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How to use the hyperlocal shopping app Mystore for ONDC network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreAug 16, 2023

The government-backed initiative, ONDC network has emerged as a buzz in the e-commerce ecosystem. This open network was created to address the concerns that buyers had regarding online shopping, and it has successfully paved the way for digital buyers to come online with confidence and joy and order products on ONDC network.

As more and more sellers register on the ONDC network, it becomes incredibly easy for customers to find whatever they want, at one place.

But what if you could get what you want on the same day? Sounds exciting, right?

That's where the ONDC network hyperlocal shopping app comes into the picture. Thanks to ONDC network’s inherent hyperlocal algorithm, faster deliveries are a possibility now.

Mystore buyer app is a leading ONDC network-compliant buyer-side interface that connects buyers with top sellers in their nearby locations. This salient feature not only promotes hyperlocal commerce but also promotes the fastest delivery possible due to location proximity.

Why do Buyers prefer ONDC network hyperlocal shopping apps?

Hyper-local shopping not just enables buyers to enjoy faster delivery but also builds trust for your local shoppers. Here are some of the reasons to prefer hyperlocal shopping apps: 

  • ONDC network hyperlocal shopping apps provide a convenient way to purchase products from local sellers
  • Buyers can enjoy shorter delivery times as products are sourced from nearby sellers
  • Using hyperlocal apps buyers can support local businesses and boost the local economy
  • These apps offer personalized recommendations and promotions based on the buyer's location and preferences
  • Buyers can explore a variety of products and services offered by local sellers
  • Buyers can get lucrative deals and discounts offered by local sellers based on local demand, festivals, weather conditions etc.
  • Shopping through hyperlocal apps fosters trust and a sense of community connection

How Mystore Buyer app helps buyers to access hyper-local shopping on ONDC network

When it comes to ordering products on ONDC network, the first hyperlocal buyer app that comes to mind is Mystore. Taking a step further in providing buyers with the convenience of connecting to top sellers in their vicinity, Mystore offers a "near me" feature. By utilizing Mystore's near me feature, buyers can search for a specific product and receive a list of sellers based on their location. The closer the seller's location, the higher they will be displayed in the user interface.

Out-of-the-box features of the Mystore buyer app

In addition to enabling hyperlocal shopping, Mystore has a bunch of exciting features that make it the top choice to order products on ONDC network. These features include: 

  1. Easy-to-use interface so that online shopping is easy for everyone
  2. A multilingual admin panel enables customers to browse the open network in their own language ( English, Hindi and Kannada)
  3. Multi-vendor cart for customers to order from various vendors in one payment
  4. Frictionless and secure payment options for easy checkout process
  5. Inbuilt tracking feature to stay updated with order delivery

Comprehensive guide to using hyperlocal shopping app Mystore on ONDC network

Follow these steps to make your shopping journey on the open network a wonderful experience. 

Getting Started with Mystore

To start using the Mystore buyer app, download it on your phone. Create your profile by providing basic details.  Set your location and access a wide range of products from ONDC network-registered sellers. 

Leverage multilingual admin panel

Mystore has the feature to shop on ONDC network in different languages including English, Hindi, and Kannada. Go to the setting and select any of the three languages. After that, you are able to order products on the ONDC network in that language. 

Navigate the Mystore app 

The Mystore app offers intuitive navigation. Use the search bar to find specific products or explore categories and curated collections. Detailed descriptions, images, and pricing information help you make informed decisions.

Utilize the multi-seller cart

Mystore buyer app supports a multi-seller cart. Add products from different vendors to a single cart and make a collective payment. Select items, review your cart, and proceed to checkout.

Streamline Checkout and Payment 

Checkout is seamless. Review selected items, choose a payment method (card, net banking, or e-wallets), and receive an order confirmation with an estimated delivery date.

Track your order

Now after completing the checkout process, you must be excited to know about your order status.  Utilize Mystore’s inbuilt tracking system to monitor the progress of your order till it reaches you. 

Now you are all set to enjoy a user-friendly and feature-rich hyperlocal shopping experience. Leverage all the aforementioned features of Mystore buyer app to enhance your shopping journey on ONDC network and get speedy delivery at your doorsteps. 


ONDC network buyer app from Mystore provides customers with the flexibility to order products on the ONDC network from hyper-local sellers, ensuring quick delivery.  MyStore has revolutionized the way buyers engage with local retailers on the ONDC network. Its intuitive interface, support for a multi-seller cart, streamlined checkout process, and additional features make it essential for anyone looking to make hassle-free purchases on ONDC network. 

By leveraging ONDC network hyperlocal shopping app Mystore, buyers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience while accessing a vast range of products from top sellers in their area.

Download the Mystore buyer app today. 

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