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Tips to use hyperlocal grocery shopping app Mystore for ONDC network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreAug 22, 2023

In this era of Blinkit, Amazon Fresh, Big Basket, etc there is another hyperlocal grocery shopping app that is gaining popularity rapidly "Mystore." 

Now the question is what is different about Mystore? The answer is a diverse range of sellers on a single app. Yes, Mystore is an ONDC network compliant app, that brings all your grocery requirements to a single unified platform. 

You can buy groceries from the hyper-local grocery shopping app, Mystore in a very easy way and get same-day delivery from top local grocery sellers in your vicinity.

Are you unsure about how to order groceries on ONDC network using the Mystore buyer app? 

This blog provides the perfect solution to all your questions and offers the best tips for using Mystore's ONDC network buyer app for your grocery shopping needs.

5 useful tips to use hyperlocal grocery shopping app Mystore for ONDC network

Here are the tips that make your grocery shopping on Mystore a delightful experience

Discover and Explore

The buyer-side app of Mystore offers a user-friendly interface that enables buyers seamless navigation and product discovery. To make the most of your online grocery shopping experience, take advantage of the following features:

Search Bar: Utilize the search bar of Mystore to find the products you want in a few seconds. Whether you're looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, or pantry staples, simply enter the desired item to access a diverse range of options.

Categories and Filters: For a seamless shopping journey to buy grocery on ONDC network, Mystore comes with an advanced search filter.  Browse through various categories and apply filters based on price, brand, dietary requirements, and more to narrow down your search option. 

Detailed Product Information

Before you start to order groceries on a hyperlocal grocery shopping app,  it is vital to have all the necessary product details at your disposal. Mystore provides comprehensive information about each and every product enlisted on the ONDC network, which helps you to choose the best.

Consider the following aspects:

Product descriptions: Read the detailed descriptions provided for each product, including ingredients, nutritional information, additives information, consumer care contact details, and any specific features or benefits. This will help you make better choices based on your preferences and dietary requirements.

Vendor details: Check the vendor details. Visit the vendor page to understand what they are offering. 

Estimated delivery time: Take advantage of the hyperlocal grocery shopping app Mystore to get your groceries at your door steps within a few hours. For accurate delivery time check the estimated time to ship provided for each grocery product. 

Personalized Offers and Recommendations

Mystore buyer app offers personalized deals and recommendations based on your purchase history and preferences. To fully utilize this feature do the following:

Create an Account: Download the Mystore’s ONDC network buyer app and create an account on it to enjoy personalized offers tailored to your buying patterns. By providing your preferences and interests, you can receive targeted discounts and promotions.

Add your location: Adding your location/PIN code will show you the nearest seller first making your product filtering and ordering faster.

Convenient and Secure Payment Options

PCI-DSS compliant Mystore buyer app prioritizes your convenience and security when it comes to payment. Here are some noteworthy features:

Multiple Payment Options: The app supports various payment methods to order grocery on ONDC network, such as cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. Choose the payment method that suits you best and proceed with a secure and frictionless checkout process.

Secure Transactions: Mystore ensures the security of your payment information by implementing robust encryption protocols and following industry best practices.

Delivery and Customer Support

Mystore buyer app aims to provide a seamless and reliable delivery experience for its customers. Check the following aspects:

Order tracking: Stay updated on the status of your order with Mystore’s inbuilt tracking. Stay updated with order confirmation, dispatch, and estimated delivery time.

Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, fill up the contact us form. You can reach out to Mystore directly in case of any queries or assistance via email or call. 


The Mystore hyperlocal grocery shopping buyer app connected to the ONDC network offers a seamless and convenient way to BUY groceries. By following the tips mentioned in this blog, you can maximize your online grocery shopping experience and leverage the features provided by Mystore. 

Can't wait to get your groceries for days? Download the hyperlocal grocery shopping app Mystore to order grocery on ONDC network and ensure same-day delivery.  

So, why wait? Start your grocery shopping on the Mystore buyer app today.

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