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Why B2B Companies Should Start Planning Their ONDC Network Transition

About ONDC Network

MystoreApr 25, 2023

Did you know that global B2B eCommerce is projected to reach $20.9 trillion by 2027? In India, the business-to-business segment is forecasted to rise from $5.6 billion in 2021 to $60 billion in 2025 (source: Statista).

However, many B2B enterprises are still figuring out how to adopt a definitive eCommerce strategy that serves as a perfect fit based on their niche and respective markets. While some enterprise eCommerce platforms (Indiamart, Udaan, etc.) have emerged, they have their own set of limitations for the sellers.

By democratizing the entire eCommerce industry, ONDC network has facilitated the entry of millions of merchants, retailers, B2B companies, and service providers. Together, these network participants can scale up their own capabilities, leading to a winning customer experience and, ultimately, better profits for all.

This article explains why B2B companies should plug into the open network in order to ramp up their productivity, adaptability, and visibility, thus fully reinventing their eCommerce approach. Also, we look at what makes India’s leading ONDC network-connected marketplace - Mystore seller app, the best seller interface to make the ONDC network transition seamless and enriching.

ONDC network for B2B Companies

Whether you’re a small B2B startup, a wholesaler, or a multinational corporation, the government’s ONDC network initiative can help you augment your B2B sales and attract new buyers. Wondering how?

Here are the 5 key pain points associated with building a B2B brand in today’s eCommerce ecosystem and how transitioning to ONDC network addresses all of them:

5 B2B Pain-Points in eCommerce & How ONDC Network Solves Them

Marketing, visibility and sales

B2B businesses can’t take the B2C marketing route and heavily invest in eye-catching social media posts or influencer marketing to gain visibility. Instead, they must identify their core clients and carefully cater to B2B buyers who acquire services online.

Now, an obvious way to increase visibility is by reaching out to all diverse bases and potential clients throughout the digital realm. That’s the biggest perk of ONDC network as well - nationwide brand visibility. By promoting direct access amongst all network participants, ONDC network promotes network-wide discoverability, thus helping small B2B companies that are technologically handicapped.

To put the icing on the cake, B2B companies onboarded through the Mystore seller app can utilize its cutting-edge marketing tools to showcase their catalog to more resellers and distributors.

Choosing the right B2B eCommerce platform

Choosing and leveraging a B2B eCommerce platform that perfectly aligns with your selling needs can be a never-ending quest. Traditional enterprise eCommerce marketplaces don’t provide enough interoperability and freedom. On the other hand, ONDC network gives you a platform to achieve pan-India visibility amongst millions of potential buyers with ready-made eCommerce solutions built for enterprise brands.

Moreover, Mystore’s built-in integrations and automated logistics support help B2B brands deliver to clients in multiple pin codes via licensed partners. In other words, the ONDC network+Mystore is the perfect combo to boost your B2B organization's potential!

Shipping and logistics cost

Although B2B companies don’t have to spend money on renting a retail space, they still have warehousing, shipping, and logistics to consider. Different buyer companies may have additional shipping demands, including bulk delivery, or multi-vendor orders. Now, you can either invest in in-house fulfillment or spend a fraction of that cost and transfer that burden onto a reputable delivery expert.

That’s what ONDC network offers through its vast network of on-network logistics partners. The democratic platform gives access to specialized logistics players in India, helping brands meet the fulfillment demands of their B2B clientele, locally and nationally.

With Mystore, B2B brands can get the best shipping rates from 20+ reputed carriers on the ONDC network (including FedEx, DTDC, Dunzo, etc.) and reimagine their delivery capabilities.

Catalog and product management

B2B businesses have more specific needs than an average B2C customer and may expect your entire product catalog to align with their unique requirements. It's essential to provide customers with specialized features such as customer-specific pricing and bulk offers in order to accommodate B2B buyers' complex needs and wants.

This is cumbersome and complex even for an established B2B firm. However,  adopting ONDC network-compliant Mystore solutions helps overcome these issues with product diversification and a personalized shopping experience. With the Mystore seller app, brands can make it easy for clients to find specific products they are looking for (via search filters). Also, Mystore’s rich dashboard allows real-time catalog monitoring so you are informed about low stock levels.

Maintaining long-term sales and growth

Long-term progress is difficult to achieve if B2B brands continue to deploy an outdated selling approach. The same applies to their marketing, catalog management, order processing, picking/packaging, return handling, etc. With modern buyers expecting their brand to be present across channels, it becomes imperative for B2B enterprises to be present on a nationwide network like ONDC network.   

By switching to ONDC network via the ultra-dynamic Mystore seller app, B2B enterprises can ensure that they build a unique brand identity and offer their customers a seamless experience and modern buying experience that, in turn, leads to improved customer engagement, loyalty and hence brand growth.

  • Instant visibility on all ONDC network-connected channels.
  • Promote your brand amongst business buyers via marketing tools.
  • Manage your online store via an extremely seller-friendly and easy-to-use admin dashboard.
  • In-built catalog and product management support for B2B and D2C players.
  • Monitor pricing and shipping details.
  • Use on-network + off-network logistics providers.
  • Inherent scalability to handle large order volumes.


      ONDC network has made a timely entry into the fragmented and unorganized B2B segment. B2B enterprises with local reach finally have an opportunity to expand into new markets and tap clients from all over the country.

      Today’s B2B buyers are tech-savvy millennials and Gen-Zs. Hence, they have distinct business needs that require a contemporary, future-ready approach, which is what Mystore offers. 

      With the Mystore seller app, B2B companies can leverage wider discoverability with lower business costs. With a specialized set of ready-to-use tools for B2B eCommerce, merchants and brands can implement new ways to cater to their targeted audience. Join the ONDC network experience through Mystore!

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      Tara Jha
      11/7/2023, 07:07 PM

      Thanks for this informative read. It's clear that B2B companies can't afford to overlook the ONDC transition. Kudos to Mystore for emphasizing its importance!

      Reply from Team Mystore

      Hi Tara, thanks for appreciating our blog on Why B2B Companies Should Start Planning Their ONDC Network Transition. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the Mystore blog!