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Why Indian food sellers should register and sell on the ONDC network

ONDC Network Seller App

MystoreAug 21, 2023

The Indian food delivery market is projected to reach the milestone of US$73.38bn by 2027 (Source: Statista).  The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly transformed consumer preferences, now more and more people like to order food online. 

For food businesses looking to grow their reach, it's high time to take their business online.  

You might be wondering how can you compete with big food delivery marketplaces like Zomato and Swiggy. Be happy as you have the great opportunity to reach a wider customer base with the Government-backed initiative ONDC network. 

Now sell on the ONDC network and grow your food business exponentially. 

This blog explores why registering and selling on ONDC network can be a game-changer for Indian food sellers, helping them thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Let's get started. 

How does the ONDC network help food sellers to increase their customer base

The revolutionary open network is a government-backed initiative that aims to completely revolutionize the Indian e-commerce market. 

Benefits of selling Indian food on the ONDC network

Wider market reach

As the popularity of buying food online continues to rise, selling Indian food on ONDC network allows sellers to tap into a broader market. By cataloging their food products on the open network, sellers become discoverable by customers across India. 

ONDC network-connected apps, like the Mystore seller app, facilitate seamless onboarding and provide an intuitive interface to sell on ONDC network.  The ONDC network helps sellers quickly expand their reach to a wider audience and leverage hyperlocal deliveries.

Leveraging mobile commerce

Mobile commerce has become a dominant force in the retail industry, with mobile devices accounting for a significant share of retail traffic and orders.

When food sellers sell on ONDC network, they can leverage m-commerce effectively. The mobile-first technology of the Mystore interface ensures easy discoverability on mobile devices, giving sellers an edge over their competitors. With the mobile admin interface, sellers can conveniently manage their business on the go, enhancing efficiency and responsiveness.

Enhanced buying experience

Personalized shopping experiences have become increasingly important for customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. ONDC network, coupled with the Mystore seller app, allows food sellers to gain better access to buyer behavior and preferences, facilitating personalized shopping experiences. 

Sellers can experiment with new ideas, tailor their product offerings based on buyer preferences, and provide a smooth buying journey with advanced search and navigation features. By offering an enjoyable and personalized experience, sellers can motivate customers to make repeat purchases of  Indian food on ONDC network.

Product and market experimentation

The online platform provided by ONDC network empowers food sellers to experiment with product and market mix. Unlike offline stores, online platforms offer the flexibility to try out a variety of new product mixes and cater to evolving customer demands.

With the feature-rich Mystore seller app, sellers can easily manage orders and quickly upload new product catalogs, ensuring a seamless businesss. This agility allows sellers to stay relevant, adapt to market trends, and expand their offerings to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Increased brand visibility

Registering and selling Indian food on ONDC network significantly enhances brand visibility for Indian food sellers. By establishing an online presence, sellers can showcase their brands to millions of potential buyers in the e-commerce market

The Mystore Seller app provides built-in tools that help promote brands on multiple online channels, further increasing visibility and attracting a wider audience. This increased brand exposure allows sellers to carve a niche for themselves in the competitive digital space and stand out among competitors.


The ONDC network initiative presents a tremendous opportunity for Indian food sellers to sell on ONDC network and scale their businesses in the digital landscape. By leveraging the benefits of the ONDC network, sellers can expand their reach, enhance the selling experience, experiment with products and markets, and increase brand visibility.

The open network's seamless and inclusive onboarding experience empowers sellers to thrive in the evolving consumer landscape and capitalize on the growing demand for authentic, healthy, and locally sourced Indian food products.

Download the Mystore seller app today and start selling Indian food on ONDC network. 

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