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Mystore Seller App Policy for Buyer Apps

As a Seller App on the ONDC betwork, Mystore believe in fair, transparent and equal treatment of all Buyer Apps. 

Mystore Seller App's approach towards treatment of requests from different ONDC network Buyer Apps is as follows:

  1. Seller Preferences: As seller app, we plan to give the choice to our sellers to 
    1. provide the maximum buyer finder fee they are willing to pay for their orders
    2. let us know if they want to publish their catalog (in full or in parts) only on specific buyer apps.
    3. specify the price without Buyer Finder Fee (BFF) in which case, the selling price of a product sent to different buyer apps might be different depending on the BFF that they charge.
  2. Search Requests: Apart from seller preferences as mentioned above, we do not have any additional logic to differentiate between search requests from different buyer apps.

  3. Transaction Terms: Mystore seller app do not offer different transaction terms to different buyer apps. 

  4. Catalogs and Features: Apart from seller preferences as mentioned above, all buyer apps have access to the same catalog and features provided by Mystore seller app. 

  5. Whitelisting: The new buyer apps will have to go through a whitelisting process before they start sellers' catalog from Mystore seller app. The process is very simple. They will have to share their bap id with Mystore team and Mystore team will observe their requests for 2-3 days before enabling them.
  6. Rate Limiting: Mystore might suspend a buyer app if we get too many search requests from specific buyer app. The city based catalog seach requests should have a gap of at least 2 hours between requests.

Mystore Seller App does not practice any other form of differential treatment towards buyer apps beyond the criteria mentioned above.

Version: 1.0

Date: Aug 9, 2023