MystoreMystore is an ONDC network-connected marketplace built in India for Indian sellers. Mystore is the first ONDC network participant to connect as a Buyer and Seller NP.  You can register as a seller on Mystore and upload your catalogue. You will have a dedicated Seller page (digi-catalog) along with a Unique QR Code for your page that you can market to your buyers. Your catalogue will also appear on the ONDC network through the Mystore Buyer App and other buyer apps catering to related product domains. Mystore provides a comprehensive seller dashboard to manage your products, orders, and payouts. Mystore also facilitates seamless online shopping across categories with its Mystore Buyer App.
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Managing Orders

Managing Orders

Managing Orders

You can manage the customer orders in the orders section of the Mystore Panel.

Searching and Filter Orders

If there are many orders then you can search and filter orders to process the specific orders.

Order Details

You can see the details oftheexisting order by clicking on the order and performing various operations such as marking orders as paid and shipped, editing customer details, etc. 


Product Details

It includes the details of the product(s) orders such as name, quantity, SKU, weight, price, total price, shipping charge, taxes, etc.

Order Received On

The date and time when the order was received or accepted.


The name and email id of the seller to whom the product belongs. 

Customer Address

The complete address of the customer where the order will be shipped. You can also edit the address.

Billing Address

The complete billing address of the customer. The billing address can be the same as the shipping address. You can also edit the address.

Customer Details

The details of the customer such as name, email id, and phone number.

Financial Status

The financial status of the order. The status can be paid or pending. If the financial status is pending, you can mark the order as paid manually by clicking on Mark As Paid button beside it. Click on the button and add the details like payment mode, reference id, description, amount, and create the transaction.

Balance Amount

The balance amount of the order that is pending to pay. 

You can send the payment link to the customer by clicking on 'Recieve Payment' button, to complete the payment.

Invoice Number

The number of the invoice generated for the order. If the invoice has not been generated, you can generate it by clicking on the Print/Generate Invoice button beside it. You can print the invoice when it is generated.

Fulfillment Status

Here you can check the fulfillment status of the order. If the status is pending, you can ship the order or mark the order as shipped.


This field shows which device is used to place the order. The device can be desktop, mobile, and tab.


The domain on which the order is placed.


The IP address from which the order is placed.


The details of the fulfillments are shown here. If no fulfillment is created, you can create fulfilment by clicking on the Create Fulfillment button.


All the transaction details related to the order are listed here.


The note is raw plain information used for internal communication. For example, you can leave notes regarding the order to your seller.

Operations on Order

Let us now take a look at the actions we can perform on the order summary window:

Mark as shipped

If you have processed an order manually through a third-party logistics provider, click on Mark as shipped to record the shipment details. You will be required to enter the AWS number and the service provider name. An email notification will be sent to the customer. 

Ship Now

You can use this option to ship the order.

Reschedule Shipment

To reschedule a shipment, first, you need to cancel the shipment. Then go back to the order, click on the Actions tab against that order and reschedule the shipment. You need to follow all the steps similar to Shipping an order while rescheduling shipment.

Create Fulfillment

Fulfillments gives you finer control on fulfilling the orders than just shipping the entire order. You will have to enable partial fulfillment in the Store Settings to use this feature. You can create fulfillment for all items or afewitems of the order. You can also create invoices for partial fulfillment.

Cancel Order

You can cancel the order by clicking on this tab.

Generate Invoice

You can also generate the invoice for your order.

Print Invoice

You can also take a print of your order summary 

Regenerate Invoice

You can also regenerate the invoice for your order by clicking on this tab, in case you have made changes in the invoice template.

Resend Order Confirmation

You can resend the order confirmation to the customer and/or the seller using this command.

Add Additional Info

You can add additional information to your orders in case you want to pass such information to your customers after they have placed an order.