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ONDC Components

ONDC Components

ONDC Components

The ONDC components include the different network components such as registry, gateway, buyer and seller applications and other building blocks, such as adapter interfaces, that can be used to create these network components.

Adaptor Interfaces

Adaptor interfaces are the open APIs developed based on the open-source interoperable specification of Beckn protocol14. Detailed documentation on these interfaces is available at These APIs will enable the exchange of information for the execution of transactions, allowing all participants of the network to interact and integrate using standardized ONDC certified interfaces.


Application that will ensure discoverability of all sellers in the network by multicasting the search request received from buyer applications to all seller applications, based on criteria such as location, availability, and other customer preferences. Initially, ONDC intends to offer a Gateway through its technology partners to kick-start the operations. However, it is envisaged that multiple gateway providers will come into existence with independent service offerings in the network with an increased scale of transactions.

Open Registries

Application(s) that maintains the list of participants who join ONDC, list of network policies, etc.

Buyer and Seller Side Applications

Buyer Apps and Seller Apps will be the applications that will enable end-users and sellers/ service providers to transact on the ONDC network.