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Transactional Cost

Transactional Cost

Transactional Cost

Mystore will be charging a percentage-based transactional cost from sellers. However, there will be no upfront cost to get integrated with Mystore.

Mystore will be charging different percentages based transactional costs on the order value from sellers using the Mystore seller app. Also, orders coming from all the buyer apps including Mystore buyer app will be levied a percentage-based commission on the order value.

Let us understand this with different use cases:

Disclaimer: All order values and percentages are for illustrative purposes. Please read Mystore terms and conditions to find the actual commissions based on your industry type.

Order where both the buyer and seller apps are from Mystore

Suppose the order value is Rs 1000

Mystore buyer app charge @ 3% = Rs 30

Mystore seller app charge @ 4% = Rs 40

Total transactional cost = Rs 70*

Mystore seller app order where the buyer app is from a different provider 

Suppose the order value is Rs 1000

Buyer app charge @ 4% = Rs 40

Mystore seller app charge @ 3.5%= Rs 35

Total transactional cost = Rs 75*

* ONDC might also charge a nominal fee for using the network