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ONDC Network or Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol is an open network designed to enable digital commerce across industries. ONDC Network is unique in the sense that it focuses on location-based results making small and medium local businesses more visible to potential buyers. Using an ONDC Network-compliant buyer app customers can discover businesses and their products across India.  

ONDC Network is a Government of India initiative aimed at democratising digital commerce and offering a level playing field to sellers of every size. By registering on the ONDC Network using an ONDC Protocol complaint seller app sellers become discoverable on multiple buyer apps/platforms. Once sellers upload their products via any of the seller apps they are discoverable by buyers pan-India. Buyer apps are buyer-side interfaces that help buyers discover a vast range of products sold by all sellers on the open network.

The ONDC network seller app is the seller interface which enables merchants to conveniently start selling on the open network. With just a few clicks, you can list products, set prices, choose payment options, manage inventory/logistics, track orders, etc., through a feature-rich ONDC network seller app like Mystore.

Mystore is an ONDC Network-connected marketplace. You can register as a seller on Mystore and upload your catalogue. Your catalogue will appear on Mystore as well as on the ONDC network along with other buyer apps like PayTm, Mystore, MagicPin, etc. Mystore provides a complete catalogue panel to manage your products, orders, and payouts.

Seller registration on the ONDC network is easy and quick. You can use any compatible ONDC network seller app (like Mystore) to onboard the network and start selling quickly. Here’s all you need:

  • Your GSTIN number.
  • Your bank account.
  • Your business details (name, address, etc.)

That’s all. Visit the Mystore seller registration page to start your journey on the ONDC network in no time!

First of all, buyers need an ONDC Network-complaint buyer app to make a purchase from you. Then, if your product matches their search parameters (price, availability, ratings, etc.), it will be automatically displayed amongst other sellers. Buyers can choose their preferred payment method ( e-wallet, net banking, etc) to pay for the products.

Currently, 60% of India’s eCommerce is dominated by two behemoths - Amazon and Flipkart. Unlike these platform-centric marketplaces, ONDC Network is a not-for-profit initiative aimed to democratize India’s e-retail ecosystem by giving equal growth opportunities to all sections of sellers.

ONDC Network provides on-network logistics solutions to deliver orders to hyperlocal, local, or nationwide audiences. Mystore users can choose their preferred on-network logistics partners that match their budget and business requirements, or they can simply adopt their own fulfillment solutions.

Any business/seller having a registered business with a valid GST number and PAN number can register on ONDC Network using Mystore Seller App.

By registering with Mystore as a seller you will get the following benefits:

  •          Better visibility on multiple digital channels
  •          Own independent page/website which can be shared with your buyers
  •          Access to more buyers
  •          Higher sales, low customer acquisition cost
  •          Access to top-notch automated features for running and managing business digitally

Registering on Mystore is absolutely free, with no fixed cost. However, there will be certain charges involved after you receive an order. This charge will comprise the network fees charged by the ONDC Network, the charges of the buyer app through which the order came, and a nominal charge of the seller app (Mystore). However, ONDC Network is not charging anything as of now and buyer and seller apps are charging nominal fees which is significantly less than what sellers are already paying on the popular marketplaces.