MystoreMystore is an ONDC network-connected marketplace built in India for Indian sellers. Mystore is the first ONDC network participant to connect as a Buyer and Seller NP.  You can register as a seller on Mystore and upload your catalogue. You will have a dedicated Seller page (digi-catalog) along with a Unique QR Code for your page that you can market to your buyers. Your catalogue will also appear on the ONDC network through the Mystore Buyer App and other buyer apps catering to related product domains. Mystore provides a comprehensive seller dashboard to manage your products, orders, and payouts. Mystore also facilitates seamless online shopping across categories with its Mystore Buyer App.
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9th Floor, Tower A, Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49Gurgaon Division, IN
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About us

Mystore®, the ONDC Network-connected marketplace, is an initiative to accelerate ecommerce adoption by SMBs, FPOs (Farmer Producer Organisations), D2C and Enterprise brands in India. Mystore®, the trailblazing product of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., aims to create an ecosystem where top-notch ecommerce solutions, products and services are easily accessible to millions of sellers and buyers across India.

As one of the leading network participants of the GOI-backed revolutionary ONDC Network initiative, Mystore® takes take ecommerce mainstream by offering both seller-side and buyer-side interfaces for ONDC Network. 

Mystore®  holds the unique distinction of being the only ONDC Network NP to have launched both its ONDC Network Seller App and ONDC Network Buyer App during the pilot launch of ONDC Networkin Bengaluru on 30th Sep 2022.

Our Mission

Mystore along with ONDC Network has the mission to change the way ecommerce has been perceived and practised. Our mission is to bring inclusion, innovation and disruption in digital commerce by equipping small sellers, FPOs and D2C brands with international standard tech solutions to build, run and grow their business online. 

Aligned with the core Indian value of “ Bahujan hitaay, bahujan sukhyaay (For the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many), Mystore Seller App aims to take “ Vocal for Local” to the next level by offering a level playing field to sellers of every scale and size. 

Mystore also aims to bring the thriving customer base in tier II, tier III plus cities to mainstream online shopping by helping customers make informed purchase decisions through its multilingual Mystore Buyer App. 

Mystore®- Made in India, Made for India

Mystore envisions a future where all small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers, and direct-to-consumer brands have access to cutting-edge tools to unlock growth like never before.

We are committed to working tirelessly towards innovating and improving our services to create a more inclusive, equitable and prosperous business environment for all. 

Our Story: The Path to SUCCESS 

In dreams begin responsibilities. 

The Co-Founder and CEO of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal has been helping SMEs, individual entrepreneurs and enterprise brands set up their multi-channel digital presence for 22+ years. 

Rajiv’s visionary leadership and extensive experience in building out-of-box ecommerce solutions with StoreHippo, combined with Co-Founder and CPO/CMO Kriti Aggarwal’s indomitable will to incorporate inclusion, diversification and empowerment made Mystore happen. 

By designing, developing and launching Mystore as the tool and means to make ecommerce accessible and viable for all, Rajiv and Kriti started a journey which aims to fulfil the dreams of millions of sellers across India.  

While Rajiv captioned Mystore and built a superlative ecommerce solution tailored for Indian markets, Kriti’s 15+ years of experience in product development and positioning the product in the market made Mystore Seller App and Mystore Buyer App (launched in September 2022) the most sought-after solutions by sellers and buyers across India.

Mystore is here to make the ecommerce journey smoother, faster and incredibly growth-centric for millions of sellers across India.

Ushering growth through Next-Gen Technology

Powered by Enterprise SaaS-based Ecommerce Platform StoreHippo and built on the MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture, Mystore offers ONDC Network -complaint, mobile-ready solutions for businesses across  diverse industries . Our battle-tested solutions reduce the go-to-market time not only for SMBs and FPOs but also offer comprehensive enterprise solutions for large-scale B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C businesses planning to leverage the ONDC Network. 

Be a part of the disruption- Sell on ONDC Network with Mystore

Mystore is proud to be a partner in the success story of brands and businesses leveraging the immense potential of ONDC Network. We welcome businesses across industries to explore ONDC Network through Mystore Seller App.

Be a part of Mystore and join us to build a glorious future for ALL!

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