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Mystore Admin

Mystore Admin

Mystore Admin

  • The sellers onboarded on Mystore have access to their dashboard where they can manage their products, orders, and other items. Only approved sellers can access the seller dashboard.

    Logging into the Mystore Panel

    The sellers need to log into the Mystore panel to start using the dashboard. Follow the steps mentioned below to log into the Mystore dashboard:

    • Go to the Mystore Admin Panel.
    • In the Email field, enter the email address used for registration.
    • In the Password field, enter the password associated with the registered email.
    • After entering the credentials, click the Login button.

    Once you have logged in successfully, you will be redirected to the Mystore dashboard.

    Accessible Sections

    The seller has the access to the following sections:


    The dashboard is the starting point for the work you do in Mystore. It's a landing page where you can check statistics about your products and orders, your recent orders, and other necessary information as well.

    • Statistics:This widget shows the quick count of entities (Products and Orders) that you have.
    • Sales: You can use the Sales widget to see how your store is performing. The sales widget shows the total sales/orders during a given time period. 
    • Top Customers: Top customers widget shows the top customer's name and email ID and the total price of the items purchased. 
    • Top Products: The top products widget is to view the top selling products with their description including the product name, no. of orders, items purchased, and total revenue generated.
    • Recent Orders: Recent orders widget shows the list of recent orders along with the order ID, order total, email, created on, and payment mode.
    • Order Summary: Here you can view the orders segmented by different parameters e.g. by device, by delivery status, etc.
    • Return Summary: This section shows the number of return orders along with its status.
    • Sales By Location: This widget shows the sales statistics as per the location. 


    In the Products tab, you can access the products section, option sets, linked products, and product enquiries. 

    • Products section: In the Products section, you can add, edit, view, delete, and manage the products. You can also import products in bulk and export the added products. 
    • Option Sets: In this section, you can add the different variants of the same products to create choices, such as size, color, material, etc. for customers. 


    In orders, you have access to the Orders section, Ship Now, and Shipments sections.

    • Orders: You can manage your orders in the Orders section. You can perform various operations, such as mark the order shipped, mark the order delivered, close the order, and so on in this section.
    • Ship Now: In the Ship now section, you can compare and calculate rates and schedule pickup.
    • Shipments: All the details of the shipment are provided in the Shipments section. Once the pickup for an order is arranged, the shipments get listed in this section.


    On the Site, you can access the Files section.

    You can upload and manage files in the Sites>Files section. The uploaded files can be referred to in CSV files for product import and product descriptions. You will be able to view the files that have been uploaded by you.


    In the Sellers section, you can view and update your profile.

    • Seller Profile 
    • Seller Ledger 
    • Seller Payout Methods 
    • Seller Invoices


    In Settings, you can view, manage, edit, and delete the store locations.

    In the Settings >Store Locations section, you can add the locations of your store. You can use these locations while scheduling an order pickup.