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7 Tips to Boost ONDC Network Conversions

About ONDC Network

MystoreApr 24, 2023

Congratulations. You have successfully onboarded the ONDC network and are now ready to make a mark on your target audience. But where to start? And, more importantly, how to ensure steady order flow via ONDC network?

Mystore seller app demystifies the secret to boosting your eCommerce conversion rates on the ONDC network by pitching these 7 easy-to-follow tips.

Boost ONDC Network Conversions With These 7 Pro Tips

From detailed product images to a targeted competitor analysis, there are several techniques an ONDC network-based brand can adopt to reinvigorate its conversion rates. Mystore seller app lists the 7 pro tips to help you up your lead conversions and scale growth on the democratic network

Create product descriptions that sell

Your product description tells the story about what your product is and why it's worth purchasing. However, not many merchants that sell on ONDC network realise that optimising their product pages with engaging and detailed descriptions can also be an effective tool for driving conversions. So, what's the secret to creating an optimal product description?

Firstly, adding clear, high-quality images to product descriptions is a must! Then, conducting keyword research and adding them will further boost your search visibility across all ONDC network buyer apps. Finally, a compelling CTA will encourage buyers to visit your store and buy. (Note: Bonus points for listing product features in bullet points).

Lure customers with competitive pricing and discounts

Without competitive pricing, merchants could be pricing too high and losing customers or pricing too low and losing profits. A competent pricing strategy is a win-win for all and leaves a positive impression on your customers. Economical pricing and discount to top it is perhaps the most effective short-term strategy to boost conversions.

Moreover, offering discounts help brands retain existing customers, mobilise unsold catalogues, and promote new product launches. But how can brands afford to sell products for a discount? One way to do that is by partnering with on-network ONDC network logistics providers, which can help reduce the cost of packaging, warehousing, distribution, shipping, etc., and merchants can use that to sell their products at a discounted price. 

Keep a tab on your competitors

Going back to the previous point, how will you ensure your price is competitive? Simple. Take a look at your competitors and compare their prices, quality, and profit margins with yours. Remember that finding your competition's strengths and weaknesses will help you fine-tune your approach and develop a unique selling proposition.

Learning from your fellow brand's customer journey will ensure you give your target audience what they couldn't. For instance, 73% of eCommerce brands fail to offer a multi-lingual shopping experience. Therefore, you can easily gain a competitive edge over your market rivals by providing regional-based content via a multi-lingual buyer app for ONDC network.

Mystore seller app offers a list of built-in features and tools to manage and run your business smartly and gain an edge over competition.

Streamline deliveries through on-network logistics providers

The quicker, safer, and cheaper the delivery, the greater the likelihood of conversion. In an era where most buyers expect same-day delivery, accurate estimates, and real-time tracking, your logistics must be on point to retain your customer's business. Sounds tricky, right?

Not when you have access to a pool of industry-leading, on-network logistics providers on ONDC network. Mystore vendors can leverage on-network ONDC network logistics to completely streamline their entire supply chain. Not only that, with just a tap of a button, vendors can switch to off-network fulfilment and add their preferred off-network logistics providers to deliver in hyperlocal areas.

Analyse key customer and product data

Leveraging Customer analytics can directly bump your conversions as it opens various insights into your customers' preferences, grievances, and behaviour. Not only that, implementing customer and product data into decision-making can help sellers improve their marketing strategy, sales, risk management, and profits.

Unlike monopolistic marketplaces, ONDC network promotes 100% transparency, meaning sellers can directly access critical customer data and access it on their Mystore admin dashboard. Hence, merchants can analyse customer reports and use key data points to strategize business growth and offer better product visibility across various buyer apps, including the Mystore buyer app.

Reputation management (i.e. showcase your reviews and ratings)

Research shows that buyers who interact with reviews are 115% more likely to convert. Hence, the more reviews your ONDC network-connected store has (especially positive ones), the higher your conversion rates. How? That’s because not only do customers trust a fellow shopper’s word, but their reviews usually include hard-hitting keywords (like “best banarasi saree”, or “fresh fruits”, etc.), which is what buyers are searching for.

Hence, reputation management directly improves your brand’s organic visibility and conversions. ONDC network merchants should therefore work to get maximum reviews and use them as social proof of their excellent pricing, quality, and customer service.

Experiment with new product mixes

Countless brands have been able to improve their AOV, lead capture, and overall conversion rate by launching new product mixes. With ONDC network, merchants can successfully launch new products to the most appropriate buyer+market groups. Through customer analytics, businesses are statistically better placed to maximise their customer reach.

Customer insights help identify customer acceptance/satisfaction to newly launched products. Through the collected data, businesses can use new products to derive better conversions. Also, merchants can leverage ONDC network logistics to swiftly introduce new product mixes into the target markets and unlock more lucrative growth opportunities.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking to increase conversions, you don't have to guess from one sale to the next; this guide will give you the information you need so that you can maximise your profits on the ONDC network. If you're wondering how to get more customers to discover and buy from you, then these strategies will help you optimise your open network storefront.

If you’re looking to enter eCommerce with the best ONDC network-connected seller interface in mind, then consider choosing the feature-rich, customizable, and seller-friendly Mystore seller app.

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Ambar Kaur
11/8/2023, 06:56 PM

Great article! Your 'ONDC conversions' tips are spot on. Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

Reply from Team Mystore

Hi Ambar, thanks for appreciating our blog on 7 Tips to Boost ONDC Network Conversions. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the Mystore blog!