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How Indian ethnic wear sellers can register and sell on ONDC Network

ONDC Network Seller App

MystoreSep 25, 2023

Are you an Indian ethnic wear seller looking to expand your reach and boost sales? It's the perfect time to take your ethnic wear business to all the customers across the country. 

Wondering how to reach pan-India customers?

Be happy as the ONDC network got you the perfect solution with pan-India visibility of your ethnic wear business. Not only that, when you sell on ONDC network, you do not need to worry about which seller app to choose. The ONDC network follows the open network protocols which means you can sell your products on any seller app, and your ethnic wear collections will be discoverable across customers throughout the country, no matter which buyer app the customer uses. 

Still, have doubts about how the ONDC network seller app works?

Don’t know how to sell on ONDC network?

This blog has you covered. In this blog, we have answered every question you might have about the ONDC network. We will also guide you through the process of registering and selling on the ONDC network. So keep reading this blog to the end. 

8 FAQs for Indian Ethnic Wear Sellers Joining the ONDC Network

Here are the 8 FAQs for ethnic wear sellers that make it easy for them to sell on ONDC network.

What is the ONDC network, and how does it work?

ONDC network is a transformative initiative backed by the government of India that aims to democratize India's e-commerce market. The ONDC network is not an app or a website, rather, it is an open network that directly connects sellers, buyers, and logistics providers.

To sell or buy on the ONDC network, users need to download the respective ONDC network seller app or the ONDC network buyer app. 

For instance, if you wish to register on the ONDC network to sell ethnic wear products, you have to download an ONDC network app like the Mystore Seller app. After registering on the revolutionary open network setup, you can freely list your products on your own terms for sale. There are multiple seller apps available through which you can register and sell ethnic wear on ONDC network.

The best part? Whichever app you use to sell on ONDC Network will give you access to pan-India buyers. This means your products will be discoverable to all customers who are on the ONDC network, regardless of the buyer app they use.

Is registering on the ONDC network complicated?

Not at all. ONDC network is designed in such a way that even a small seller with very little technical expertise can register on it. You just need an advanced ONDC network seller app like Mystore using whicheven novice sellers can easily start selling on the ONDC network. 

Mystore Seller app has a user-friendly dashboard that allows sellers to manage products, orders, and invoices effortlessly.

How can I sell Indian ethnic wear on the ONDC network?

To start selling on the ONDC network,  you have to register on it through an advanced ONDC network seller app. Mystore makes the entire process to sell on ONDC network quite easy.

Follow these simple steps to sell your ethnic wear on the ONDC network:

  • Create your account on the Mystore Seller app
  • Fill up the requirements like GSTIN number and your bank details
  • List your ethnic wear catalogs
  • Receive orders
  • Full fill order and get payment in your bank account

Here you go! With these simple steps, you can easily showcase and sell your ethnic wear products to buyers across India.

How can the ONDC network help me compete with bigger players in the ethnic wear market?

The ONDC network provides a level playing field for all sellers, regardless of their size. By leveraging the network's standardized platform, you can showcase your ethnic wear products alongside bigger players. 

With equal visibility, customers can discover and choose your offerings based on product quality and pricing, giving you a fair chance to compete effectively.

How is the ONDC network different from other big platforms like Amazon or Flipkart?

Amazon, Flipkart, and other big platforms are platform-centric means if a seller wants to sell on Amazon, they have to register on Amazon. Similarly to sell on Flipkart, sellers have to register on Flipkart. If a seller wants to sell on both Amazon and Flipkart, they have to register on both. 

This means sellers can only sell to customers who have accounts on the same platform.

The ONDC network eliminates all the limitations of Amazon, Flipkart, and other traditional marketplaces. It provides an open network to sell to all. Once a seller registers on the ONDC network using any ONDC network seller app, they become eligible to sell their products to all the customers who have accounts on the ONDC network, regardless of the buyer app the customer uses. 

For example, if a seller sell ethnic wear on ONDC network through the Mystore seller app, they can sell to any buyer, no matter which network buyer app a buyer uses.

Will customers easily discover my ethnic wear catalog on the ONDC network? 

When you register on the ONDC network and list your ethnic wear catalogs, the products become easily discoverable to customers through the compatible ONDC network seller app.

When a customer searches for ethnic wear like saree, suit, kurti, etc., your products are automatically discovered by them.

Can I use the ONDC network-approved logistics providers for ethnic wear delivery?

Absolutely, the ONDC network has 20+ on-network logistic partners to fulfill the deliveries. The on-network logistic partners enable you to deliver far and wide at discounted rates.  With this extensive network of partners, you can ensure efficient and cost-effective shipping options for your products.

Can I offer promotions and discounts on my ethnic wear products through ONDC network?


The ONDC network allows you to set prices, offers, and discounts for your ethnic wear products. When you sell ethnic wear on ONDC network, you can easily attract customers by running promotions, flash sales, or festive discounts. By providing attractive deals, you can drive more traffic to your listings and increase your chances of converting potential buyers into loyal customers.


The government-backed democratic ONDC network unlocks vast opportunities for sellers across India. Even a small seller can easily onboard the ONDC network and establish their online business on a level playing field with big names in the industry. 

When you sell ethnic wear on ONDC network using Mystore, you gain access to integrated marketing tools, enhanced visibility, and growth opportunities.

Excited to sell on ONDC network and take your ethnic wear business to new heights in the digital commerce landscape.

Download the Mystore Seller app now.

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