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How is ONDC Network Making eCommerce Accessible to Businesses of Every Scale and Size

About ONDC Network

MystoreFeb 24, 2023

ONDC Network brings the next wave in India’s digital commerce revolution

Touted as the “UPI” of eCommerce, ONDC Network was launched in September 2022 with much fanfare. Through this initiative, the government has given the option of “digitisation” to millions of “invisible” local sellers and SMBs across India. By 2027, ONDC network hopes to sign up 900 million buyers and 1.2 million sellers under one roof.

That said, the ONDC network is a new phenomenon, especially for small mom-and-pop shopkeepers operating in remote parts of the country. Hence, today we shall delve into what this novel initiative is all about and how it can potentially level the eCommerce playing field in India.

Also, if you’re new to the eCommerce game and looking to sell on ONDC network, this article will walk you through the onboarding process using the feature-rich Mystore seller app.

How “Fair” is India’s current eCommerce marketplace

In the post-pandemic era, India’s e-retail market has witnessed a sudden rise in demand. While the likes of Amazon and Flipkart have been quick to jump at this opportunity, small Indian sellers continue to be marginalised due to a lack of digital presence.

Even if you decide to go online, Amazon and Flipkart are the only two viable options. The two platforms will always prioritise their bottom line over sellers’ satisfaction. As a result, Amazon/Flipkart may dictate what products you can sell and at what costs. Also, these aggregators' commission rates can reach 30% of your total sales. Add expensive add-ons, discriminatory policies, and complex customer data handling, and suddenly, the playing field is heavily titled in favour of large corporations.

Noticing the shortcomings of India’s current eCommerce marketplace, the central government launched the ONDC network. By definition, Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol is a democratic initiative aimed at promoting open-network protocols for exchanging goods or services over a unified digital network.

Why is ONDC Network a great eCommerce facilitator for Indian sellers

ONDC network is ready to shake up the e-retail landscape by digitising the entire value chain. Small players can sell on the ONDC Network to access the same technologies and methodologies as their established counterparts. All eCommerce participants can list on ONDC network and immediately make their products discoverable across multiple platforms.

The ONDC network will make selling more efficient, open the door to local suppliers, and ensure no single entity like Amazon controls the entire marketplace. Plus, better logistics efficiency will help get orders shipped quickly and securely, thus providing better customer value.

Using an ONDC network-compliant solution like the Mystore seller app, merchants can dictate their terms of service around pricing, shipping, return/refund policies, etc. Also, Mystore enables you to choose from a host of approved logistics partners to cater to your customers more efficiently.

Register on ONDC Network via Mystore

The Mystore seller app, through its gamut of cutting-edge solutions, enables merchants to list on ONDC network easily. With an advanced admin dashboard and powerful marketing tools, your can leverage the open network’s incredible benefits at zero subscription fee.

Here’s how anyone can list on ONDC network in just a few clicks.

Selling on ONDC network just got a whole lot easier! All you have to do is follow these five steps, and you're ready to go:

- Create a seller account on Mystore

- Submit your GSTIN and bank details

- Once registered, list your catalogue

- receive your first order

- Choose an affordable and reliable logistics partner to fulfil your order

- Get paid! (the payment is credited to your linked account every Friday)

Sign-up today and scale your digital brand for zero subscription costs. That’s right, there are no upfront costs with Mystore, and sellers only pay a nominal transaction fee once they start receiving orders. Mystore gives you more chances of success as you begin your journey on the ONDC network .


Mystore's the perfect 'newbie' app for anyone looking to start their eCommerce journey. Got no experience? No problem – Mystore makes it easy to sell on ONDC network! You get a friendly platform that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you need to get your business off the ground.

The Mystore seller app allows even a naive seller to set up shop quickly and easily. So why wait and let others get a headstart? List on ONDC network  today and take your business to new heights!

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