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The Benefits of Joining ONDC network For Your Agro-Based Brand

About ONDC Network

MystoreApr 19, 2023

India’s agriculture sector is valued at around $435 billion (source: Expert Market Research). Today, India has over 1,000 FPOs, with the collective market estimation to be over $24 billion. With such promising numbers, now may seem like the perfect time to sell agricultural products online, right?

There’s a catch.

eCommerce in agriculture is not expanding proportionally to other industries, mostly due to farmers’ hesitance in going digital. For those that do want to sell online, the go-to platforms (like Amazon and Flipkart) have recently dropped in popularity due to their restrictive policies and costly plans.

But all hope is not lost! In the meantime, a new market phenomenon has taken India’s eCommerce market by storm - Open Network for Digital Commerce. The novel initiative promises to bring disruptive changes to the digital world and usher in a new era of eCommerce in agriculture.

“But why should I sell agricultural products on ONDC network instead of other marketplaces?” you may ask. In this post, we’ll explain why Amazon or Flipkart might not be the platform for you to sell agro-based products and why switching to the open network may be crucial to success.

ONDC network at a glance

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has established a revolutionary digital project to facilitate eCommerce for small players. The novel initiative aims to duplicate UPI’s success by democratizing India’s entire eCommerce landscape and standardized protocols for seamless onboarding for all market participants.

Open Network for Digital Commerce adopts open-source methodologies, enabling sellers and buyers to transact no matter the platforms/apps they use. Improved competitiveness gives FPOs equal visibility to potential buyers across India connected via buyer apps. Hence, merchants can sell agricultural products on ONDC network to a large customer base and increase their profit margins. Furthermore, the removal of intermediaries helps build a direct relationship between farmers and customers/wholesalers.

Here’s what makes ONDC network such a popular choice:

  • Gaining nationwide visibility to crores of buyers
  • No more hefty commissions or fixed costs
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Portability of trust
  • Boost conversions by offering competitive pricing and discounts.
  • Easy access to on-network logistics and tech solutions
  • Leverage customer data for better insights

    Understanding ONDC network for FPO’s Growth

    The central government’s ambitious ONDC network project aims to bring the entire farming community onto a digital platform. In time, being on a level field will help FPOs gain better profits for their produce and possibly create a pan-India presence without paying a sizable chunk of their profits to the existing marketplaces.

    ONDC network enables farmers, FPOs, agro-based companies, mandis, SMBs, and D2C enterprises to The welfare of India’s FPOs through increased market penetration is the goal of ONDC network.

    In order to sell on ONDC network, however, farmers do need a seller-side interface where they can upload their agro products, accept orders, fulfill orders, and receive payments! Don’t fret. With Mystore, kickstarting your selling journey on the democratic network is a cinch!

    How Mystore Facilitates Growth For New-Age Agro E-commerce Brands

    Mystore’s end-to-end solutions are built on the powerful MACH architecture, allowing all FPO brands to showcase their agro-products with an easy to use but technically advanced storefront. That way, a newbie startup can completely transform its approach when looking to sell on ONDC network. Farmers and agro-based merchants can maintain their entire catalog whilst optimizing their delivery capabilities by choosing their logistics partners on ONDC network through Mystore.

    FPOs looking for quick growth can leverage Mystore’s advanced admin dashboard and go to market in record time. 

    • Multiple delivery solutions to help farmers streamline their order fulfillment to “near me” customers.
    • One-click solution to add products, catalogs, and prices, etc.
    • Multilingual buyer app to help farmers attract customers that prefer buying in their native language.
    • Mobile-first and M-Commerce solutions to be discoverable on buyers’ mobile apps.
    • Seamless integrations with multiple payment channels, delivery partners, marketing tools, etc., for ZERO extra costs
    • GST compliance so farmers are not burdened by GST calculations

    How to Join ONDC network Through Mystore

    Mystore has recently launched its ONDC network connected app, allowing merchants to upload their entire product catalog and sell on open network with minimal effort. Plus, you'll get all the features and tools you need to ensure your agro-based business runs like a well-oiled machine.

    Mystore seller app is a seller-friendly solution for all FPO members to explore the open network and diversify their customer base without abandoning their existing stores. Check out Mystore’s step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the integration process and get you started with the open network in minutes!


    Open Network for Digital Commerce is set to democratize eCommerce at a global scale. Therefore, agro-based FPOs can sell on ONDC network without being controlled by a regulatory body or a third party.

    Furthermore, the Mystore seller app enables merchants to upload their catalogs, set up prices, adopt preferred logistics support, etc., without needing any coding experience.

    For a seamless buying experience, Mystore offers multilingual support (including Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, etc.). Hence, you can cater to hyperlocal customers in their preferred/native language.

    Ready to give it a try? Hurry up and check out the incredible seller-friendly solutions of the Mystore seller app today.

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