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5 Tips To build A Successful Online Grocery Business With ONDC | Mystore
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5 Tips To Build A Successful Online Grocery Business With ONDC

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Team Mystore11/15/2022, 11:04 AM

Are you planning to sell grocery online? Wondering how to build a successful online business and generate revenue? Not sure about how ONDC will help you establish your brand in the ecommerce landscape? 

With groceries and vegetable deliveries being the top 3 segments in hyperlocal ecommerce orders, Indian grocery sellers have a large unexplored market to tap into.

But the big question still remains - how to start selling groceries online? 

Quite easy! 

Get started with the ONDC-connected Mystore seller app.

Let us first look at a few online grocery market trends to understand the market well.

  • INR 396 billion was the market value of online grocery sales across India in 2022

  • INR 1,170 billion is the expected market value of online grocery in 2024

  • 52% growth rate of hyperlocal shoppers in India 

  • 214 million forecasted hyperlocal shoppers by the end of 2022

  • 29% of buyers use quick commerce apps to order all of their groceries

  • 31% of customers considered a balance between good price and quality as an essential factor while grocery shopping

  • 32.7% is the CAGR of Indian online grocery during 2022-2027

Source: Statista

Above data clearly suggest that to sell grocery online, sellers need to target all ages and geographies, along with providing good price, good quality products and hyperlocal deliveries. The ONDC network provides the sellers with ample opportunities to leverage all essential factors required to tap into customers. 

Benefits of registering on ONDC

The Open Network for Digital Commerce helps merchants become a part of the ecommerce in India using ONDC-compliant seller apps. It connects sellers with millions of buyers, providing an equal opportunity for the sellers to avail of all the benefits offered by ONDC. 

Here is a list of benefits grocery sellers can achieve by selling on the open platform:

  • Go to the market in quick time with a prominent seller app like Mystore 

  • Get access to best-in-class tech, logistics, and other solution providers

  • Do business on their own terms like deciding the delivery time etc

  • Reach to millions of customers across India

  • Have easy access to rich customer data that helps in strategic planning

  • Build a portable reputation with direct customer interaction throughout the network

  • Have democratic and indiscriminative environment to flourish business

Registering on the advanced Mystore seller app, grocery sellers can leverage all the mentioned benefits and explore the market like never before.

5 Tips to successfully sell grocery online for sellers joining ONDC

When grocery sellers start their online journey, they open up many avenues for growth and success. By building an online presence, sellers are able to accelerate their business growth manifold. However, to carve their own niche in the market, grocery sellers need to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Here is a list of 5 tips to help you sell grocery online successfully on ONDC:

1. Choose the right app

To choose the right seller app is the most crucial step towards building a successful online business. With the right seller app, grocery sellers can build, manage or run their businesses with much ease. Following are few must-have features in your ONDC seller app:

  • Speed-optimized for quick discoverability

  • Cutting edge tech-solutions to future-proof your business

  • Easy-to-use interface for sellers and their team

  • Secure solution with multi-level security

  • Seamless integrations to streamline and improve business processes

  • Easy migration from other platforms 

  • Host of features and tools to grow your business

To sell groceries online and make the most of the opportunity at hand, sellers need all the above-mentioned features. Mystore seller app is an advanced ONDC compliant selling interface built on cutting-edge MACH architecture. The admin dashboard is easy-to-use, intuitive and feature-rich, providing the sellers with everything they need to manage their business effortlessly. 

2. Give detailed product descriptions

Once you have chosen the best seller app, your product is easily discoverable to the audience. But it is equally important to ensure that your products have all relevant information that helps customers in making a purchase decision. Yes, here is what you should offer to your consumers:

  • Clear and detailed product description

  • Detailed view of the product with multiple pictures

  • Clear and reachable contact details 

  • Simple and clear mention of return and refund policies 

  • Multiple payment and shipping options to choose from 

With the Mystore seller app, implementing all of the above becomes easy and hassle-free. Buyers can connect with the sellers using the in-built contact form on Mystore. Seamless integration with various ONDC approved logistics partners also makes it easy for the merchants to offer multiple shipping and payment solutions and thus retain customers in the long run.

3. Give personalised deals

71% of the users expect personalization while shopping online. Today buyers want everything tailor-made to their requirements, right from content to offers to buyer journeys to delivery timings. In the fast-paced era, how coordinated your business is with your user’s demands is the key to success. 

To sell grocery online successfully and stand out in the crowd, sellers need to offer personalized discounts based on the customer’s purchase history. With Mystore, sellers can use SEO-ready solutions with integrated marketing tools to arract buyers. Mystore offers rich marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Automated Product Feed etc. to help sellers strategise their marketing plans and thus get better results. 

4. Offer easy payment options

Offering easy and multiple payment options help grocery sellers finetune their brand to receive more frequent orders.. By integrating multiple payment gateways in your business you will be able to provide the much-needed convenience to your buyers and become household brand in no time 

Mystore seller app enables you to seamlessly integrate multiple payment gateways in your business providing ease of buying to your customers. Online grocery sellers can offer frictionless checkouts with digital payment solutions along with multiple payment options. 

5. Streamline delivery 

The importance of hyperlocal delivery in the online grocery industry is not unknown to any of us. 80% of the shoppers want same-day delivery and 61% want their packages faster. Being promt to the customer’s needs help businesses grow exponentially. 

To accomplish this, sellers need advanced seller apps that like Mystore that help them streamline and automate delivery management. With the seamless integration with ONDC approved delivery partners on the Mystore seller app, grocery sellers are able to provide quick delivery solutions to their customers. 


There is no dearth of online grocery selling sites in India today. But to stay at the top of their customer’s mind, sellers need to first provide access to nationwide online buyers and focus on hyperlocal buying experience. ONDC is going to completely revolutionize ecommerce in India by providing comfort of selling to all SMEs. 

Mystore seller app is an advanced ONDC compliant seller interface built for the sellers across India. By registering and uploading their products on the ONDC network, sellers can quickly reach a wide customer base and accelerate their business growth. With the right technologies at their disposal, sellers can make informed and calculated decisions to kickstart their online journey. 

Ready to sell grocery online on the ONDC platform with Mystore? Register now and explore ways to grow your business.